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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Attacks on Britain in recent years


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Attacks on Britain in recent years

Post by rocky on Wed 24 May 2017, 2:08 am

Attacks on Britain in recent years

It resulted in the July 2005 attacks killed 54 people ,
attacks in London on 7 July 2005
attacked by four suicide bombers transport system in the British capital on the seventh of the month of July 2005
were three local containers exploded frequently in the subway trains in London. The explosion resulted in one of these containers, near the Aldgate station, killing six people, while seven were killed in the second explosion occurred near Aguer Road Station. The third blast , which hit a train between the stations of King 's Cross and Russell Square , causing the death of 27 passengers.
Fourth bomb attack targeted a bus to transport passengers crowded Balrackbyn in Tavistock Square, killing 14 people.
The perpetrators of attacks by Islamic extremists from northern England under the leadership of a person named Mohammed Siddique Khan.
Three of the attackers were British - born to the families of Pakistani origin.
The attacks followed two weeks after a similar attempt targeting the transport system in London, but the packages did not explode in the attempt.
The attack on Glasgow airport in Scotland, June 30, 2007
after three days to take over the Labor leader , Gordon Brown , president of the British government, attacked by two men broke into the passenger lounge where a jeep Glasgow airport in Scotland. The fire broke out in the car was then.
And try one of the attackers , who were in the car, an Iraqi doctor originally named Bilal Abdullah, who are attacking the building, but police arrested him before he could it.
The driver of the car, named sponsor Ahmed, was caught in his clothes on fire and tried to escape, but he later died of his burns he suffered. It was not killed in the attack anyone else.
It turns out later that the attack was related to a failed attempt to blow up a nightclub in London before 36 hours.
Military killing me Rigby 22 May 2013 ,
two men (attacked two Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adabuale) British military Lee Rigby and its dead in the road opposite to the camp in the area southeast of Olic London.
The two Rigby has run over their car, and then Hajmah using a sickle and machete. After the implementation attack, they wait for the two police presence and record messages in explanation of passers -by phones where motives to commit the crime.
They said they killed British soldier in retaliation for the British forces to kill Muslims. The two Britons of Nigerian assets, and they grew up to Christianity before Iatanaga Islam.
Labor MP Cox killed while doing their job parliamentary
assassination Labor MP Joe Cox, June 16, 2016
killed by Labor MP in the British House of Commons Joe Cox at the hands of a man named Thomas Mir was yelling "Britain first" and outside the library in her constituency in the city Berstal in the county West Yorkshire in northern England.
British prosecutors described the attack as a "terrorist attack."
And opened fire on Mir Rep . Cox and stabbed with a knife.
The attack took place ahead of a referendum on Britain 's exit from the European Union.
On Thursday , 22 March / March 2017, a car driven by someone ran over named Khaled Massoud (a Briton who was born in Kent County was named Adrian Elms) passers -by on the Westminster Bridge near the seat of parliament in the heart of London, in an attack believed to be the main motive is extremism.

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