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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Sat 27 May 2017, 2:28 am

The world in 24 hours

Washington ,
US lawmakers are seeking to block the arms deal concluded by Trump with Saudi Arabia

gave US lawmakers seeking to block legislation if part of the weapons concluded by President Donald Trump with the Saudi deal.
And gave the Republican Rand Paul and Chris Murphy , Democrats and Al Franken a proposal to reject the deal in the Senate to force the Council to take a vote on whether to block a part.
The Committee received Senate Foreign Relations Committee official notification of the upcoming deal on May 19.
It allows the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 , any member of the Senate to compel the Council for a vote on the arms deal with the Congress received official notification of plans to move forward with. The Council gave the same three members of a similar proposal last year in an effort to block the sale of tanks and other equipment to Saudi Arabia worth $ 1.15 billion. Council members rejected the measure by an overwhelming majority.
Saudi Arabia was the first stop in the first Trump foreign tour this week and announced during the visit of the arms deal in Riyadh on May 20. Saudi Arabia agreed to buy weapons worth US $ 110 billion with the purchase options up to $ 350 billion over ten years.
Targeting lawmakers block worth $ 500 million from the deal , which is the part that includes precision - guided munitions and other offensive weapons.
Paul said in a statement , "Given the support of Saudi Arabia former terrorism and its poor human rights and methods disputed in the war in Yemen , it is the Congress should carefully consider carefully and discuss whether to sell weapons worth billions of dollars in the interest of our national security at this time."
Members of the House of Representatives and also move on the planned deal. He wrote the Republican Council member Ted Yoho and Democrat Ted Liu to the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee , to request a session to review the sale of precision - guided munitions to Riyadh contract.

Philippine president warns of "contagion" Daesh

Philippine President Rodrigo Dottirata ordered, his forces to crush insurgents who have engaged in street fighting with government forces in the south of the country, warning Friday that his country is facing the risk of "infection" organization Daesh. Lies Marawi City, home to nearly 200 thousand people, under the siege of militants organizing Daesh, since the government raided a suspected hideout Tuesday night for Isnilon Hapilon located on the US list of most dangerous terrorists. The raid took place wrong and swept through the streets armed and defeated government forces and seized control of large areas of the city. Killed at least 44 people, including 31 militants and 11 soldiers, according to officials. Not yet whether among the dead were civilians it illustrated. Violence and forced thousands to flee, and raised concerns about rising extremism. I told Dottirta soldiers in the nearby city of Marawi Aelegan he feared for a long time and imminent injury to "infection" organization Daesh in the country. The president said , "You can say that the organization Daesh already exists here." He explained , "You can arrest anyone, and search any house without a permit."
He was Dottirta hands his forces to take control of Marawi. In reference to the old problem posed by the insurgency in the south and the possibility of aggravation, the Attorney General said that foreign fighters were among the militants loyal to al - Daesh who are fighting government forces in Marawi, including Indonesians and Malaysians.

China executes "police chief"

executed by China, on Friday, former police official convicted of murder and other crimes, in the case attracted wide attention and raised accusations of torture and abuse of justice by the man 's family. State media reported that the death sentence was implemented on Zhao Liping after the Supreme People 's Court upheld the decision against him, as Zhao was convicted on charges of bribery and possession of firearms illegally. He denied Zhao, who enjoyed enormous power over its citizens as police chief in the region of Inner Mongolia, the charges against him. While considered state media condemned a milestone in the pursuit of the country for officials who abuse their power to use, his brother claimed that he tried a formal trial, which raised issues related to the justice system, as quoted by the "Associated Press".
Zhao was the first official at the ministerial level sentenced to death in President Xi Jinping 's campaign against corruption, which began in late 2012, and published news of the execution of China Central Television bulletin at noon.
Convicted Zhao (66 years) for the murder of a woman (27 years) in 2015, it was said that she was "intimate relationship" with him.
According to Chinese media reports that Zhao burned body of a woman and buried, he has been charged with murder has raised speculation that Zhao was feared that the deceased reveal his involvement in corruption cases.

Ankara ,
Turkey declares "purge the judiciary" after the dismissal of four thousand judge

said Turkish Justice Minister, Bakr Bozdaj, on Friday, that Turkey has isolated more than four thousand judge and a prosecutor, as a result of suspected links to the coup attempt that took place last year.
He explained Bozdaj, in a speech in Ankara, quoted by Reuters, he said that the judiciary had been "cleansed" of supporters of cleric resident in the United States , Fethullah Gulen , who bear the responsibility of Turkey coup attempt on 15 July.
Turkey has shut down and the dismissal of more than 100 thousand people in the police, judiciary and public and private sectors, because of allegations of links to the failed coup, which raised concerns Turkey's Western allies and human rights associations.

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