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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Press


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International Press

Post by rocky on Sun May 28, 2017 6:42 am

International Press

Is there a link between Manchester and Tripoli and Doha?
Not yet investigations into the circle wider surrounding terrorist Salman Ramadan Abedi, the attack port in Manchester, with the bulk of the search transition to Libya, which presented them before the implementation of the operation of criminal a week, and told the French interior minister over that he had traveled to Syria before.
But what is published by the British and American media paints a broader picture of what a candidate for the British hardware. There are no longer leaks recently from the American side, after Britain temporarily suspended security cooperation with the Americans about the attack "Manchester Arena" information leaks due to US information before the announcement of the British devices reported.
It is available which published by the newspaper "Telegraph" over the past two days, and also published in " The Guardian", as well as investigations of the magazine "Africa Intelligence", in addition to previous newsworthy stories of British and official documents of the Interior Ministry, this is part of the Manchester embraces many elements " Libyan Islamic fighting group "has long years.
Most of these were returned to Libya in 2011 to form organizations and terrorist groups, including Abdel Baset Azzouz, who exceeded his terrorist activities to Libya, to try to form a so - called "free Egyptian army" of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and after they ousted from power.
Among those who also returned Anas al- Libi, accused of carrying out terrorist operations to Libya, which form militias are no different from those led by Ismail Salaabi inside Libya. Ismail Salabi, is the leader of the Libyan Brotherhood 's brother, a resident of Qatar, Ali hardness, which is described as "Al - Qaradawi to Libya", sponsored militia groups and Libyan. The third brother , Ali Ismail, a Khaled Salaabi, who holds Irish citizenship, was opened years suspicious company called "Hudhud Worldwide Europe" in the south of Manchester, the region , which included most of these Libyans and other "converts to Islam", who went to fight in Syria before . According to " The Telegraph", Ramadan has returned Abedi father Salman to Libya in 2008, the same year during which concluded the great hardness (Ali), a deal with the Gaddafi regime under which Abdul Hakim Belhadj out and other prisons, to return other members of the militant group to Tripoli. In the same year (2008) the company "Hudhud Worldwide" transport facilities formed in Libya, before branching activity and grow up after 2011.
The company is headquartered in Tripoli and its subsidiary largest in Misrata, working in the field of maritime and air freight facilities transfer gear by sea, air and land.
Documents Salaabi company does not clarify its relationship with Manchester in the main company in Tripoli, and financial activities with Libya or other are a registered private company closed one owner is Khalid hardness (which preceded his name when his group "Sheikh Imam").
Although it quoted by means of the American media during the years between 2011 to 2015 for military and financial support to the militias , the Libyan, based on the investigations into the US Treasury Department and other devices, completely no link between the hardness and the company "Hudhud" and those operations.
And suggest media analyzes, such as those published by the "African Intelligence" , which is part of the company 's operations are not disclosed.
Because of the strong relations between the Western hardware, including British and American, and the transfer of terrorists to Syria and Iraq through Turkey, it is difficult to access such information, although revealed "Wikileaks" about some e - mails to former Minister of State Hillary Clinton threw some light on those relationships.
Investigation into the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi and did not extend the killing of the ambassador and other Americans, to the hardness and Doha, because of the close relationship between the US hardware and Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Ismail hardness.
Many of the black points (such as those that Chdobaa devices from confidential documents) missing in the link line between Doha and Tripoli and south of Manchester. It is also expected to be revealed by the investigations into the recent terrorist incident.

Some of the worshipers in Manchester mosque participated in the Libyan civil war
as British newspapers continue to deal with the numbers the consequences of the bombing of Manchester bloody, in a report published by the Financial Times newspaper, and prepared by Andy Bounds and Robert Wright, we read that some of the worshipers in the mosque , which was frequented by the bomber Manchester fought in Libya, it is believed that the mosque 's imam , Mustafa Abdullah Graf also was among them.
The spokesman said Didsbera The mosque " in the name of some worshipers participated in the uprising of 2011 against Muammar Gaddafi 's regime", but he refused to talk about video footage showing the imam of the mosque wearing a military uniform and distributed ammunition to fighters before the attack on the city of Bani Walid, while telling a reporter Agence France - Presse: "this ammunition tank, and those of artillery, the praise of God everything is fine."
The Imam had told a local channel in Manchester that he "went to Libya in 2011 to bring his mother, was tortured arrested there and then managed to escape to Tunisia after being bombed by NATO aircraft (NATO) prison , which was
being held."
Imam did not mention in that interview nothing about his participation in combat operations.
Ramadan was the suicide Abedi Salman 's father and his son Ismail Atrddan on the mosque regularly, both of whom fought in Libya, as confirmed by friends of the family.
Ramadan has returned the youngest son to Libya after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, and were arrested there last week.

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