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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Mon 29 May 2017, 2:08 am

The world in 24 hours

Tripoli ,
Ansar al - Sharia is linked to al - Qaeda in Libya declares to dissolve itself
Ansar al - Sharia in Libya linked to al - Qaeda announced that it formally dissolve itself.
The United States accuses the organization responsible for the attack on the US mission in Benghazi in 2012 in which US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed.
The United Nations puts the organization on the list of terrorist groups.
The organization said in an official statement: "We announce to the nation General and the Mujahideen and our people in Libya , especially for a solution to the group Ansar al- Sharia in Libya officially."
The organization fought a war against what is called the Libyan National Army , led by Major General Khalifa Haftar stationed forces in eastern Libya.
The organization said that it had suffered heavy losses and was the elimination of his leadership. He called on Islamic organizations in Benghazi to form a united front.
The clashes taking place since late last year between the allied forces with Hfter and fighters allied with the government accord backed by the United Nations.
And it participated groups , including Ansar al- Sharia, which tried to no foothold east of the country, in this great war, which caused the breadth of the battlefield molars between the many militias.

Cairo ,
Egypt: We informed the Security Council Bdharbatna air east of Libya ,
reported the Egyptian authorities that they informed the Security Council that launched air strikes on what it described as sites of terrorist organizations, in the city of Derna, eastern Libya. It came at the expense of the State Department website at the site Facebook that "Egypt 's Permanent Mission to the United Nations delivered a letter to the President of the Security Council on May 27 , in which the Council was informed that the air strikes that targeted terrorist organizations sites in the city of Derna, eastern Libya comes in line with Article 51 of the Charter United Nations concerned with the legitimate right to self - defense, and with the Security Council resolutions on counter - terrorism. " And warplanes launched Saturday, according to the army and witnesses, new raids on sites, Egyptian authorities say that it belonged to terrorist organizations responsible for the shooting, which targeted a bus Friday for Copts in Minya province.
The fighters raided eastern Libya Friday hours after the shooting, in which 29 were killed and 24 wounded when masked gunmen attacked the bus, which was heading to the monastery of St. Samuel, and shot them. The organization of the Islamic state and the adoption of the attack on the Copts in Egypt, as adopted earlier two bombings against two churches, which killed 45 people.

ahead of the elections .. British Conservative Party in the lead
according to a new poll released Sunday, the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Theresa May on the rival Labor Party president, ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for next June 8.
According to the poll conducted by the Foundation (ICM) to measure public opinion and published by the newspaper " The Sun", the Conservatives ahead of Labor difference of 14 percentage points.
Reuters said that the survey revealed that the Conservative Party could get 46 percent of the vote against 32 percent for Labor, unchanged from a previous poll the same institution was conducted on May 22 , as the proportion of the conservative vote by about 47 percent compared to 33 percent for workers.
The other polls published since a suicide attack in Manchester last Monday, showed a contraction difference between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party.
She said , "ICM" The support of the Liberal Democrats reached 8 percent and the Independence Party was 5 percent.

Iran 's
supreme leader expects "inevitable fallen to " the rulers of Saudi Arabia. . And spiritual calls to improve the relations of the
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that Saudi Arabia 's rulers are facing "inevitable fall" because of their alliance with the United States. Khamenei 's remarks came hours after the invitation of the Iranian president to improve relations with the Arab Gulf states.
According to Khamenei 's account on Twitter he said to his followers in a religious meeting , "They (Saudi leaders) act in a friendly way with the enemies of Islam while behavior contrary to follow with Muslims in Bahrain and Yemen."
Khamenei said to attend the Mqroh to recite the Quran in the first day of the month of Ramadan "will face inevitable fallen to ."
It supports Iran and the Gulf states opposing sides in the circle in Syria and in the Yemen war , in addition to the turmoil in Bahrain. Relations suffered another blow last week when US President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia and accused Tehran of supporting terrorism in the Middle East.
Iran denies such accusations, saying that Saudi Arabia is the real source of funding for Islamist militants. Rowhani , responded to criticism of Trump saying that the stability of the Middle East can not be achieved without the help of Iran. But Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, a personal pragmatism actually has less influence than the Supreme Leader, called on Saturday to improve relations with the Gulf states during a telephone conversation with the Emir of Qatar , who came under criticism from his country 's neighbors in the Gulf because of its relationship with Tehran.

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