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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Out of bounds

Post by rocky on Tue 30 May 2017, 2:13 am

Out of bounds

Sterling rises after a shake - British opinion polls
pound sterling recovered some thing the owner to move the only notable among the major currencies to become on Monday, after polls showed earlier this week, British Prime Minister Theresa May, will win in the elections next week, even though the size of the victory that will accomplish a cause for Hk.ccant last Friday, the worst day of sterling since early February, the British currency fell nearly two years last week, after polls showed that the difference was filed by May on the labor Party shrunk from 20 points last month, for Up to five points in a Alasttalaat.ookdt other polls at the weekend the same direction, but also showed that the Conservative - led Mai is still strong and predicted victory in the elections, but perhaps not the overwhelming victory that sought when called for elections six before Osabia.ovi under Close the markets in London rose sterling 0.2 percent amid weak morning trading in Europe and was trading at $ 1.2825 and 87.13 pence against the euro. The dollar , which last week suffered with the decline in expectations with strong support for the growth of Trump 's management, settled today against the euro at $ 1.1175 and 111.33 yen record.
It stabilized the dollar index , which tracks the greenback against a basket of six major currencies at 97.406 so stable above the low level hit last week at 96.797, the lowest since the ninth of November.

lending to euro zone companies growth , the highest since the financial crisis in April ,
new data of the European Central Bank appeared, on Monday, that bank loans to companies euro zone growth, record new high is the highest in the era after the global financial crisis , despite the decline in the index important supply Alnkadi.unmt loans companies in the region , which includes 19 countries 2.4 percent in April , up slightly from the level of the previous month's 2.3 percent, but the highest since mid - 2009.unmt retail loan 2.4 percent in April, the same level as the previous month , when recorded the highest level since early 2009.
The Heck A annual growth rate of money supply (M3) to 4.9 percent last month from 5.3 percent in March, and came below expectations , a growth rate of 5.2 percent in a poll conducted by Reuters. The measure n 3 in circulation in the euro area and the size of the money was previously used to predict economic activity.

rising Egyptian bond yields for 3 and 7 years of
data showed the central bank increase in the average yield on Egyptian bonds of which three and seven years in the tender, yesterday Alatnin.ozad average yield on Egyptian bonds for three years to 18.540 percent from 17.360 percent at the previous tender in 15 return on for it's seven - year bond Oaar.uartf to 18.544 percent from 17.240 percent at the previous tender on April 17.

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