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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Tue 30 May 2017, 2:34 am

The world in 24 hours

Manila , the
Philippine army is about to defeat «Daesh»
Philippine military said on Monday that he is about to restore a southern city controlled by the militants for seven days after the helicopters fired more missiles on positions held by militants Bayaoa organization «Islamic State» (Daesh) became the clashes in the city of Marawi with «Maot group» which were not known a year ago , the biggest security challenge to President Rodrigo Dottirta , who took office 11 months ago as it resists insurgents air and ground and are still in control of the city with a population of 200 thousand people , central parts of the attacks.
The army said the rebels may get help from «elements sympathetic to them» and fighters Okhrugem from prisons during the unrest that broke out last Tuesday and surprised the army.
The spokesman said army spokesman Restituto Padilla told reporters «our leaders confirmed that the field approached the end». He added «We can control who goes out and moves and does not move. We try to isolate all the pockets of resistance. »
The army said more than a hundred people were killed , most of them militants , the majority of the population fled the city. The military said that «Maot group» is still present in nine of 96 living in the city.
And increase the capacity of «Maot group» to withstand the army all of this period of concerns about the spread of the thought of organizing Daesh in the southern Philippines , which could turn into a haven for militants from Indonesia, Malaysia and others.

shifty talks would run "firm" with Putin
pledged France 's new president, Emmanuel shifty, a firm approach in the first talks gathered by with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday, after an election campaign during which he accused the electoral team Russian media of trying to interfere in the democratic process.
It will seek a new beginning shifty in the French - Russian relations, he said , "it is indispensable to talk with Russia because there are a number of international issues that will not be solved without dialogue with them hard."
After talks with his Western counterparts in the NATO meeting in Brussels , and in the Group of Seven summit in Sicily, shifty hosting President Rossi at the Palace of Versailles outside Paris.
He was shifty, who took office two weeks ago, he said that the dialogue with Russia is necessary to face a number of international disputes, but relations marred by a lack of confidence by the support of Paris and Moscow for various parties in the Syrian civil war, and because of the conflict in Ukraine.
The shifty , 39, told reporters at the end of a group Saturday summit , where Western leaders agreed to discuss new measures against Moscow, if the situation in Ukraine does not improve , "I'll be many demands during the talks with Russia."
The French president confirmed earlier that it would give priority in regard to Syria to eliminate Daesh, which will resonate with Putin.
Relations severely strained between Paris and Moscow during the reign of former French President Francois Hollande, Putin canceled his previous visit to France in October after Hollande said he would not meet with him only for talks on Syria.

German Foreign Minister: Trump 's actions "weakened the West , "
German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday that the actions of US President Donald Trump 's "weakened the West . " He added that the German minister Trump policies "short - sighted" undermine the interests of the European Union. Gabriel said , "Anyone who deliberately speed up climate change by weakening environmental protection measures, and sells more weapons in conflict zones, does not want to resolve religious conflicts politically, any such person threatens peace in Europe." He went on to say , "short - sighted policies adopted by the current US administration stands deduced from the interests of the European Union." " The West has become smaller, or at least become weaker than ever before." He said Gabriel , who belongs to the Social Democratic Party (SPD), "even though I am now involved in the election campaign (against Angela Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union Party), I tell you that the German chancellor really need our support so that you do not have to bow to him (Trump). " The main candidate of the Social Democratic Party , Martin Schulz , said that the government should take a tough stance from the US president and explain to him that his political project "certainly is not our project."

authorities arrest prominent opposition Nasser Alzfzafa
Moroccan authorities arrested Nasser Alzfzafa, league leaders popular protests taking place in the Rif region, northern Morocco, 7 months ago. The agent announced the king in the city of Al Hoceima arrested Alzfzafa , who was on the run since Friday.
He said in a statement that the company of " a number of people" were arrested and transferred to Casablanca, adding that the detainees will be investigated on charges of "compromising the security of the country."
The Rif region is witnessing unrest since October / October following the killing fishmonger named Mohsen Shukri in a garbage truck crushes, after he tried to recover his goods and to prevent the police from destruction.
And it formed the demands of retribution Lashkari motive for mass protests on the social and economic conditions bad.
The court order was issued after the arrest Alzfzafa boycott of the preacher of Friday prayers in a mosque Hoceima, disrupting the prayer, and his criticism of the authorities, and his call for more protests.
Hundreds of protesters in the main streets of the capital Rabat, in solidarity with the protesters in the countryside.

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