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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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And the name of the case: Noriega .. US invasion and overthrow wrote an end, "brain tumor"


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And the name of the case: Noriega .. US invasion and overthrow wrote an end, "brain tumor"

Post by rocky on Wed May 31, 2017 3:27 am

And the name of the case: Noriega .. US invasion and overthrow wrote an end, "brain tumor"

An official source announced the death of former Panamanian President Manuel Noriega, who was hospitalized since last March because of his brain tumor, Monday night, for 83 years. He said Secretary of State for Communications, Manuel Donengiz, told "Agence France Presse" that "Mr. Noriega died tonight." And ended a military invasion of US in 1989 sentenced Noriega and brought to the United States, where he was convicted in 1992 on charges of drug trafficking and extortion, and spent in prison until 2010. After that Noriega 's extradition to France is serving a separate prison sentence on charges related to the operations of money - laundering, and returned to Panama 2011, where he languished in prison for crimes committed during his rule. Born in Panama City on February 11, 1934 he studied military science at the Military College in Peru, and began a relationship with the CIA continued for three decades participated in the military coup led by General Omar Torrijos that ousted President Arnulfo Arias in the science of 1968 de
facto ruler of Panama he became after the death of Torrijos in a mysterious aviation accident plays a pivotal role in the Iran - Contra affair in the eighties, which included providing anti - government forces left - wing Sandinista in Nicaragua with arms and drugs was overthrown in 1989 after the US invasion and imprisoned in the United States was found in his trial in the United States that Rtda underwear red color to avoid "envy" in 2014, and while he was in the Rataseer prison in Panama, tried to sue the company producing the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II basic Video to use his image without his consent, but the case received was Noriega had recently undergone surgery after suffering a haemorrhage after he underwent an operation in the brain. Noriega was the key US allies in Latin America, but the Americans overthrew him when he invaded Panama in 1989 during the rule of President George W. Bush the father. And jailed Noriega subsequently in the United States on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. He spent the rest of his life in Noriega prison, as the transfer from the United States to France and then to Panama where he was imprisoned on charges of murder, corruption and embezzlement.
But his prison conditions relaxed to house arrest in January of suffering a brain tumor required surgical intervention in March. He underwent further surgery after suffering a brain haemorrhage, but died late on Monday local time for Panama City in Santo Tomas Hospital, according to Information Minister Manuel Dominguez of Panama. The President of Panama , Juan Carlos Varela, where he sent Bngradh said , "The death of Manuel Noriega , the curtain comes down on the chapter of our history. Worthy of his daughters and his family to Aabnoh in peace."
The Noriega, who was never elected, became the de facto ruler of Panama as it took over six years the position of the military ruler of the country in the eighties of the last century.
And it became Noriega, a strong supporter of the United States, an important ally of Washington in its war against the spread of communist influence in Central America. When he was languishing in a US prison, he sentenced him in absentia to a French court sentenced to seven years in prison for money laundering. After the US authorities handed him over to France at the expiration of the sentence, a French court agreed to the request made by Panama in December 2010 , handed over them, and returned to his country where he was sentenced to another prison. Two years ago, Noriega gave in an interview with television in which an apology came Panamanian "apologized for both felt he had been influenced by him or or traumatized or humiliated as a result of my actions or the actions of superiors during executive orders or actions Mraosa during the judgmental period of the country."

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