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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Wed 31 May 2017, 2:29 am

The world in 24 hours

Washington 's
resignation communications director at the White House
resigned as communications director at the White House , Mike Dobki after only 3 months on taking office.
President Donald Trump has appointed Dobki for re - drafting of the media strategy inside the White House.
According to the news that according to these amendments will retain the White House spokesman Sean Spicer , his job, but will hold press conferences at a slower pace.
It is believed that Trump got tired of media policy pursued by the White House now, and he put forward the idea of abolishing the daily press briefing that the conference will hold himself every two weeks. The White House has yet to announce who will succeed Dobki. Gave Dobki his resignation on May 18, according to Okcios News, a news site , which was the first to publish the news Astqalth.olm works Dobki in the election campaign for Trump, was not seen as loyal to the H.oukalt White House adviser Killian Conway said Dobki agreed to stay Trump in the position until he returns from the first foreign tour , which included the Middle East and Europe.
She told the American Fox News Channel: "expressed his desire to leave the White House, and indicated clearly that he will wait until the president 's foreign trip ends."

after another missile .. North Korea is a "gift larger" Americans
Ashraf North Korean leader, Kim Jong - un, oversaw the experience of a missile new ballistic missile was controlled by an accurate guidance system and is developing weapons of a more robust strategy, as reported Central News Agency Korean, Tuesday.
The agency said that the missile, which was launched Monday was equipped with a sequence to an advanced earlier process at all, compared with the previous versions of the missiles , "Hwasong", a name launched by North Korea on the missiles of the Scud, this indicates that North Korea fired a missile developer model Scud as the South Korean military says.
And fell short - range ballistic missile in the sea off the east coast of North Korea, and this experiment is the latest in a series of missile tests, defying international pressure and threats to impose more sanctions.
Kim said North Korea will develop more powerful weapons on multiple stages, in line with its schedule to defend itself against the United States.
The Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim expressed his conviction that the state "will achieve the biggest leap forward in this activity to send" the biggest gift to the Americans ", in response to the US military provocations. South Korea said it conducted a joint exercise with the launcher US bombs from aircraft , " B - 1 My Lancer ", supersonic, Monday.

Prime Minister of Scotland calls for a referendum on independence , the
Prime Minister of Scotland , Nicolas Stergn said on Tuesday that« SNP »presented to voters hold a new referendum regarding independence from Britain at the end of the process exit from the European Union.
And informed Stergn supporters at the launch of a close party policy before the general election on the eighth of June next that (there is simply a lot of dangers posed out of the Union of Scotland) that.
Rejected Prime Minister of Britain , Theresa May «SNP demands» to conduct a new referendum on independence, she said that the time is not suitable for a new vote.
rejected the Scottish independence referendum 2014 was conducted but «National» party ( BNP ) Stergn says he must make a new vote, since Scotland has voted in favor of staying in the European Union , while Britain supported the exit in the referendum age Last year , j.
She Stergn: «I think ... strongly that at the end of the checkout process , and not now ... but when you know the terms of the agreement must be Scotland 's choice regarding the future, a choice between walking behind the United Kingdom on the way out or become an independent state», she said parliament supports the government already in this step.

Poll: Party "shifty" tops the results of the French parliamentary elections
showed the result of an opinion poll in France on Tuesday that it expected the party president Emmanuel shifty win the largest number of votes in the first round of parliamentary elections in June confirms similar trends shown by the polls former conducted this week.
A poll conducted by Ipsos / SUPRA Styrian in favor of French television and radio French pointed out that the emerging political party shifty arena ahead of the Republic and his Democratic Movement would win 29.5 percent of the vote in the first round of parliamentary elections.
Conservative Party and his partner , the Union of Republican Party , Democrats and independents for 22 per cent of the vote , as expected, while the National Front Party , the far - right will in third place with 18 per cent of the vote.
A poll Ipsos / SUPRA Styrian appointed by the electoral scene indicated by two other opinion polls conducted this week also showed that the shifty party will top the results of the parliamentary elections to be held on two rounds of 11 and 18 - June.

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