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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Why Netanyahu agreed to the US-Saudi deal?


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Why Netanyahu agreed to the US-Saudi deal?

Post by rocky on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 3:18 am

Why Netanyahu agreed to the US-Saudi deal?

By SD SD -May 31, 2017030

Treasures Media - were not surprising Netanyahu 's approval of the US arms deal to Saudi Arabia ... He knows that it will be integrated with the Israeli military capabilities in the face of the resistance axis.
Some reservation was not a surprise in "Israel" on the deal, is not worried about the current Saudi regime, but for fear that these weapons fall into the hands of anti-US and "Israel" after the fall of the Al Saud regime. However, "Israel" «has received an invitation to the public in the regional alliance participation» ... with political and legal guarantees to preserve Israel's qualitative edge.

Used to "Israel" any reservation about the sophisticated weapons deal was decided to provide a # Alolayat_altdh its regional allies it. The aim behind this to achieve two things at once; the first to maintain Israel's qualitative edge over the countries of the region, including the regimes that revolve in the orbit of American politics. The second is that "Israel" is trying to blackmail the White House, through the Israeli lobby, in order to get more sophisticated weapons from the United States.

However, the Office of Prime Minister Benjamin # Netanyahu took the initiative to dictate the official political position, not to cause any tension with the US administration on the subject of the Saudi arms deal - the US ... and received in their wake, after visiting # Trump, as Netanyahu declared himself a guarantee US to maintain qualitative superiority for "Israel". This was followed issued by the Prime Minister's Office guidance Israeli ambassador to Washington's position, Ron Drimmer, in Congress that "Israel" «not concerned» about the US-Saudi deal.

Against the backdrop of this situation, members of Congress received the green light from "Israel" to allow the administration to implement the deal without having to face the reservation and the objection by "Israel" and its friends in Congress. On a parallel line, Netanyahu took the initiative to rein in security forces for expressing professional opinions on all matters relating to transactions of US weapons - Saudi Arabia, starting with the Air Force, which is usually the first to oppose such arms deals, through the Division of Planning ... up to the security of the political body in the Ministry of Security.

In order to avoid any suspicion can be paranoid fantasies in the light of some of the conflicting statements made by Israelis and some experts and commentators officials, the core of the Israeli reading - no different than at the level of appreciation and attitude - of US arms to Saudi Arabia deal, among those who chose the reservation to the deal, or others who Barkoha. Both agree that the concern does not stem from the current Saudi regime, but the possibility of the fall of this regime later, and consequently the possibility of these weapons in the hands of parties hostile to the United States and "Israel". Both are handing over the fact that the deal meets the priorities of the Israeli policy, being aimed at confronting # Iran and the axis of resistance, which is a strategic Israeli threat to national security. But some chose to express his position to highlight the pros inherent in the effects of this transaction, and exceed the dimensions that relate to the future for many reasons, including to avoid a collision management # Trump, while others preferred to shed also light on this potential theory of those who have colored Al Saud risk in governance, multiple targets, including blackmail management for the benefit of more sophisticated arms deals.

The "Israel" has begun tightening its reservation about some of the American deals for its allies in the region, since after the fall of the Shah # Iran and the resultant from that of a lot of American weapons in the hands of the Islamic regime in Tehran ... and then these fears have been strengthened in light of the events witnessed by the world Arab and led to the fall of the pro-US American systems.

With regard to the current deal, he drew a military commentator in the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot», Alex Fishman, that since the «era # Obama, as today, spoke in the United States about the need for the aircraft deal with Saudi Arabia as part of the fight against the Shiite crescent that stretches from Iran , even #Lebanon. In the era of Obama, too, pressed US security industries in order to implement the transaction. But since he was elected Trump, everything turned. Netanyahu needs to caress Trump to his head. » But he also added that « the US administration does not make known with" Israel "when it maintains the quality gap of the Israeli army against the neighbors. Between "Israel" and the United States , there is a formal agreement in this regard, QME, which Arschh American law, and unprecedented in the United States relations with any other country in the world. According to that law, the United States is committed to submit a report to the Committee in Congress, once a certain period, on the power balance in the Middle East, and explain how to maintain the superiority of "Israel 's " qualitative.
This secret report, Congress replied secret as well, so that is not supposed to "Israel" knows what is written in it. However, the Pentagon and Congress do not play with data not Ihrfanaha, from their understanding that the Israeli intelligence services know how the balance of power in the Middle East track in at least US intelligence ».

Under this law, Fishman explains that «every time the US administration is considering signing a security deal with the state in the Middle East, Israel is #, it must examine its effects on the gender gap in favor of Israel.» The study of the gender gap is not limited to the state, which buys weapons, but also the dimensions that can leave the deal on the balance of power in the event of forming an alliance against Israel ... ».

For Saudi Arabia, Fishman saw that «in terms of intentions, # Saudi Arabia is a friendly country. In terms of building strength, who knows any system there will be after ten years? The power that the United States has built for the Shah of Iran moved to Ayatollah ... ». He also noted that «the majority of advanced weapons today is a computerized weapon, and the participation of the seller what the buyer can now do much more than what was in the past, which means that Saudi Arabia's dependence on US weapons system maintenance is considered a very qualitative». Based on these data, Fishman adds that «in the event of the replacement of the regime in Saudi Arabia, it will not be certain that the new system will find what he will do airplanes.» However, it conveys a military commentator for Air Force leaders as saying «enough to catch a Saudi pilot and one driving F16 aircraft madness ... in order to cause damage to Israel. Therefore, Israel's agreement to give up the right to control the sale of arms was an opportunistic step. »

At the political level, it has also received "Israel" appropriate political price from Saudi Arabia, moved by President # Trump. Fishman explains this by saying «The United States has offered Israel a political counter will reduce the potential threats in the military amplification of Arab countries. Trump has arrived in Israel with a letter from 50 Islamic state led by Saudi Arabia calls on Israel to participate actively and publicly in the regional alliance against the Shiite threat and # Daesh. Trump explained to Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia has an interest in joint cooperation Institutionalized with Israel, along the lines of cooperation between Israel and the United States and Western Europe. For example, in the field of cooperation in science ».

Fishman reveals that «the Saudis are no longer calling for a peace agreement» between Israel and the power of normalization, but have become «asking for a small step, as a diversion area C to B, initially as a matter of allowing Israel to be part of the» Arab coalition against Iran and the axis of resistance. In contrast, Saudi Arabia plans to start practical steps to normalize relations, including the provision of visas for Israeli businessmen. Now must # Netanyahu to decide; do you want to reduce the arms race and join the membership of the Middle East, warm to the leaders of the Zionist dream of various generations, or keeps the «coalition» with the show?

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