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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Press


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International Press

Post by rocky on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 1:52 am

International Press

CIA "cost the man who later , " bin Laden "spying on Iran ,

quoted by the New York Times reported in its edition Friday that the US administration cost known as" extremism "people responsible for spying on Iran, which was previously assigned to the search for Osama bin Laden in preparation for killing and the management of assassinations program through the unmanned aircraft.
the newspaper said , citing sources in the intelligence services, the choice of Michael Dandria translates the hard - line stance of the administration of President Donald Trump toward Iran. and rejected the CIA (CIA) to confirm or deny this news.
the Dandria sixty years of age, which is converted to ISLAM Strongly participated in the war on jihadist groups.
He was responsible for counter - terrorism center in the US Central Intelligence Agency during the millennium years , where he oversaw the hunt for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden , who was killed in a raid of US special forces in Pakistan in May 2011
and Dandria, also ran the "assassination program the specific goal "during the reign of Barack Obama, a program that allowed the killing of thousands of jihadists with civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan drone.
the New York Times revealed the name Dandria in 2015 after the killing of two hostages Western ideals in the bombing carried out by a plane without a pilot for the CIA US Central. The "CIA" unaware of the presence of American and Italian hostages in the house that was bombed.
The paper also quoted the new director of the "CIA" Michael Pompeo and Michael Dandria may now Akunan responsible for determining whether the US administration considers that Iran comply with the nuclear agreement signed with major powers or not.
Donald Trump promised during his election campaign repeatedly to "tear up the agreement" signed with Iran, and when he took part in an Islamic American summit in Riyadh during his recent visit, the face of harsh accusations of Iran 's involvement in terrorism.

Indications of the involvement of the Italian Mafia in arming Daesh deals

ended European investigators to the conviction in a relationship between the Mafia in southern Italy, where the terrorist organization Daesh Italian mafia networks operating on the supply of shipments of Kalashnikovs to companies or business organizations in contact
The newspaper " The Guardian" that the British investigators British and Italians have been tracking tracks the supply of weapons to Daesh gathered their clues at the end of the networks of the mafia in southern Italy working in the European black market arms trade through registered families of companies belonging to the island of Sicily from their family , "Catania "influential and wealth in the eastern coast of Sicily and the family of " Sizwe " , which descended from the tribes of San Paulo in southern Italy, known for criminal activity.
The newspaper pointed out that it turned out to investigators , the Italians and the British tracks the smuggling of arms by the merchants of the family "Sizwe" buy one hundred and sixty assault rifle brand "Kalashnikov - 47" were disarmed needles hit the fire , including from "A FG" Foundation Slovak worth 40 thousand US dollars, and then the Italian family installed needles hit the fire in purchased guns illegally and has supplied to Ndrangata Italian group , a criminal group operating in the region of Calabria , southern Italy, known for them to do smuggling activities
banned from Europe until the consignment smuggled into the inflamed areas of conflict Due to its Daesh in the Middle East region , which revealed the work of telephone and electronic surveillance of suspected elements linked to
According to the British newspaper, the cooperation with mafia networks and organized crime groups with extremism relationships are still in full swing amid signs of a large prospective convergence between the mafia networks trafficking in arms and Islamist extremists in the Middle East and North Africa

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