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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The name of the case: Hindu hardline Odetyanat inflames hysteria against Muslim


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The name of the case: Hindu hardline Odetyanat inflames hysteria against Muslim

Post by rocky on Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:55 am

The name of the case: Hindu hardline Odetyanat inflames hysteria against Muslims

Yogic dominated Odetyanat name on the news headlines in India since he took office as prime minister in the state of Uttar Pradesh , the political task. It is a Hindu monk known orange fatigues, a controversial figure, his covetous also has haters as much, according to Geeta Pandey says in its next report.
Yogic received, this is the name known to him, upon his return to the religious town of Gorakhpur reception heroes, after he was sworn in to take over as prime minister on March 19, to be the ruler of the forty - fourth state.
The town turned to orange, a color that represents his party, the BJP, and adorned with the road leading to the temple party flags and flowers and balloons.
The Yogic orator, was elected five times to represent Gorakhpur in Parliament, in 1998, and some almost venerated, but many say that " the gods replaced it."
However , it is also very sexy controversial leader, and described by critics as the most exciting political India divisive, and that he exploits his election rallies to ignite hysteria against Muslims.
He accuses the Muslims of indulging in what is known as the "marriage of jihad" to seduce a Hindu and to make ends meet and conversion to Islam. Also it claimed that Mother Teresa had wanted to evangelize India. And called for a similar ban as called for by President Donald Trump Muslims in India, semi - Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan Said hardline resident said when doing ghusl in Pakistan.
He said one of his supporters once if he took yogi Odetyanat power, it will not return to the Muslims the right to vote, and Sigtsb supporters of Muslim Almitat "."
One of the campaign promises the formation of what he called the "anti - Romeo squads" to prevent harassment Bahindossiat, and vowed to protect the cows, and the closure of all illegal slaughterhouses.
Some mobs of Hindus had dragged a Muslim because he was - as it was said - beef stored in his house.
Faces criminal charges Yogic Odetyanat, has been accused of attempted murder, and criminal intimidation and rioting during the clashes took place in 1999. In 2007 , he spent eleven days in a prison because of his speeches inflammatory.
Therefore, he has raised to the highest authority of the Living up in the state of fear many in India and around the world. Many have expressed concern that 40 million Muslims will face difficulties in the period of his leadership.
The Guardian newspaper - in an editorial that his victory is a "victory of a religious fanatic anti-Muslim," said the New York Times reported that the Indian prime minister, Modi is trying to "keep up with Hindu extremists." The newspaper described his appointment as "insulting shocking religious minorities."

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