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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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"Israel" planned to strike Sinai nuclear 67


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"Israel" planned to strike Sinai nuclear 67

Post by rocky on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 3:22 am

"Israel" planned to strike Sinai nuclear 67


Israel planned on the eve of June year 1967 war to throw an atomic bomb in the Sinai, according to the newspaper The New York Times quoted today, Sunday, a senior officer in the Israeli army, died in the 2013 year and will publish the US newspaper a full report in its edition on Monday.
The newspaper quoted US Brigadier General Yitzhak Jacob in the reserve, one of the planners of a military operation called 'on account', as saying that "Israel" studied the atomic bomb in Sinai in order to deter Egypt and other Arab countries on the eve of the war.
He was scheduled to throw an atomic bomb into the implementation plan out if I felt "Israel" it is on the verge of losing the war, in order to deter Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan, and it pulls its troops.
The interview was conducted with Brigadier General Jacob, an expert on Israel's nuclear history, Avner Cohen, who said, 'This is the last mystery of the 1967 war. "
The unit is headed by Jacob R & D in the Israeli army at the end of sixty years and the beginning of the seventy years, and spoke with Cohen about the secret plan 'on account' in the years 1999-2000.
Jacob said at the time that 'this was something very natural. You have an enemy, says that will throw you into the sea. And you believe him. ' In response to a question about whether the enemy could be prevented from doing so, he said, 'because there was something scared him, you Stkhifa'.
The Israeli embassy in Washington, he refuses to comment on the report.
And the region that wanted to "Israel" of the atomic bomb, it is a mountain just 19 kilometers from the Egyptian military base in Umm picking, which is considered a strategic juncture in the region.
The Israeli plan was to send a small force of paratroopers to the attention of the Egyptian army exchange, and enable Israeli special unit of preparing to blow up the site.
And it had to be on the two helicopters involved in two major military operation and assistance in the transfer facility and establish a leadership position. If the decision was seen by bombing the flash and a cloud of smoke in the form of a mushroom across the Sinai and the Negev, and perhaps also in Cairo.
Jacob said that the secret name of the plan was 'Samson', on the personal archetypal mythical Samson Jabbar name.
Jacob added that if this plan came into force in Sinai for the murder of the explosion is led by the commando squad.
He hinted the former Israeli president, Shimon Peres, to this plan in his memoirs, when he addressed the proposal without called 'The Arabs would deter and prevent war. "
If implemented, "Israel" This plan was the first military use of the atomic bomb after the US atomic bombings in Japan during World War II.

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