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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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London Night Live Horror .. 7 dead and 30 wounded and killed implementing


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London Night Live Horror .. 7 dead and 30 wounded and killed implementing

Post by rocky on Mon 05 Jun 2017, 1:32 am

London Night Live Horror .. 7 dead and 30 wounded and killed implementing

 LONDON / Reuters - AFP

British police announced in a statement on Sunday, said that "seven people were killed in the attack took place on Saturday evening in the center of London," adding that "security forces killed three attackers." Police said in a statement that its members "responded quickly Mtsidin bravely to these three individuals who were killed in the Borough Market" Borough Market "next to the London Bridge, where the attackers a small truck running over a crowd.
The attackers killed in the eight minutes after the first contact received by the police, the statement continued , " The suspects were wearing what looked like suicide vests, turned out to be fake."
The attack killed seven people and wounded at least thirty were taken to five hospitals in London.
Police said in a statement that it received a call at 22:08 (21:08 GMT) following certificates talked about a mechanism ran over a crowd on the bridge. The mechanism then went to the "Borough Market."
She said that the attackers had left the mechanism there and they stabbed a number of people , including an officer in the transport police was seriously injured. Police confirmed that it calls to avoid neighborhoods where the attack was to allow rescuers to perform their duties.
Police announced an increase in many of its members in London in the coming days, while Britain will see on the eighth of this June legislative elections. According to the newspaper "Telegraph" was "injured between 15 and 20 people after being shocked by the car", and quoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted police as saying that "there are more people on the London Bridge after several incidents in central London," he said the Commission "told us the police that there is more than one dead in reality London bridge. "
One witness said for "BBC": "There was a white car speeding toward several people were walking on the sidewalk driver." She said , "BBC" that "British police were searching for three suspects after the incident London Bridge."
In turn , the British police Grdt on "Twitter": "We are dealing with an accident on the London Bridge, when we have more information we will publish them."
Quoted "BBC" transport police as saying that "there are dead and wounded after the incident , which included more likely to run over a car and van injuries with a knife."
Later , the British police announced Bngradh on "Twitter" they " have responded to another incident in the Borough Market in London by sending armed forces to the place." Network "CNN" news quoted a witness as saying that " the two men entered a restaurant in the Borough Market area near London Bridge and stabbed two people inside," police said that its members dealt with the incident in the "Borough Market" was "firing shots."
British police announced late after midnight Saturday - Sunday they are dealing with an accident in the "Fox Hole" area in the south of London, after reports run over a small pedestrian bus on the London Bridge (London Bridge) and the incident was stabbed in the Borough Market (Borough Market). She described the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the events in London as a "terrorist act possible," said May in a statement "after the follow - up police reports and security officials, I can confirm that it is dealing with the horrific events in London as a terrorist act possible," for his part , condemned the mayor of London, a friend of Khan, the London bombings, describing them as "barbaric".
British police announced that the two attacks in the regions of London Bridge and Borough Market are "two works terrorists" in nature, police said in a tweet on the site "Twitter" that "was declared the incidents in London Bridge and Borough Market two acts of terrorists," and that the incident in the "Vauxhall" is associated with them. For her part , she called on Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, more measures to protect the British, warning measures described Balassabp and embarrassing , saying: "Maybe we forgive a lot with extremism but we have to get rid of it, but this requires some difficult actions and perhaps embarrassing."
She stressed Theresa May, at a press conference to comment on the terrorist incident, which struck London yesterday, claimed the lives of seven people, the importance of confronting extremism, adding that " the nature of the threat has become a complex and changing and stealth and we have to change our language and review the strategy against terrorism, and ensure that the police and security all the powers they need ", pointing to the need for appropriate penalties for terrorism.
She drew the Prime Minister of Britain, a word to the Parties , which she described as "Almtoslmh" which launched terrorist attacks in London, saying "Enough of what has happened and this community should continue to follow his life according to our values, but when it comes to extremism and terrorism , we have come to change a lot of things."
Mai added that the parliamentary elections will be held as scheduled on Thursday, despite the attack London on Saturday evening, which killed seven people and wounded 48 others. Said May in a statement broadcast on television in front of the prime minister , "commented political parties carried them today, but can not allow violence to disrupt the democratic process, and then these campaigns fully resume tomorrow, and will hold general elections on schedule as planned on Thursday." In turn, he said the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said that should not be the British elections planned in Britain postponed on Thursday because of an attack of London.
Khan said that London 's population will see an increased presence of police in the city after the bloody attack, but there is no reason to panic. He urged people to remain calm and be careful.

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