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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspapers reveal "surprise thunderbolt" related to one of the perpetrators of the London at


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British newspapers reveal "surprise thunderbolt" related to one of the perpetrators of the London at

Post by rocky on Mon 05 Jun 2017, 4:10 am

British newspapers reveal "surprise thunderbolt" related to one of the perpetrators of the London attacks

Monday, June 5, 2017 11:06

UK police: the release of all those arrested in connection with an attack London
April 1, 2017
British police: We will keep the area around London Bridge closed
June 4, 2017
Police closed some areas in London on suspicion of two explosive
March 26, 2017
Alsumaria News / Baghdad , the
British security services discovered that one of the perpetrators of the recent terrorist attack in London , was not known only to the police but he appeared in a documentary film about British extremists, in the information described as " a surprise lightning."

The British newspaper "The Sun" reported that the terrorist "Abz", a married man and father of two children, aged 27 years, he appeared in the recording was filmed in Regent 's Park , the center of the capital, part of a group of extremists who are praying in broad daylight in front of a black flag flies organizations extreme.
British police reveal details of the London attacks
Britain announces open a full investigation on the fight against "terrorism" after the London attack

Another shows the same man , a record condemning the police behavior towards Muslims during a campaign organized in front of a mosque in London.

, The newspaper "Daily Mail" said that the third video clip shows the same terrorist with two other well - known British police Baraihma radical.

It came all these images in a documentary film about the militants living in the UK , aired on Channel 4 last year.

So, it quoted "BBC" channel about a friend of Abz as saying that police previously reported deep concern over the subordination of his friend extremist ideas, but security services have not taken any action.

The man , who preferred anonymity , said that his friend began to follow the views of radical under the influence of televised remarks for "preacher" Moussa Ahmed Jibril.

For its part, according to Erica Gasparri, a citizen of Italian origin living in Barking neighborhood where he lived Abz also, as police warned that two men teach children in the neighborhood of Islamic beliefs before.

She explained Gasparri in an interview to the newspaper "Telegraph" that her son was, upon his return from the park in one day, his desire to convert to Islam , and then went citizenship to the place where I found Abz accompanied by two other people who are promoting Islamic ideas among children.

She recalled that Abz 's comments raised the big Hbhattha, as he told her during the altercation: "I'm ready to do whatever it takes for Islam, and even killed my mother."

Citizenship and she added that she handed over to the local police 4 photos and a video clip recorded in the park, but it seems that the security services ignored these warnings.

The media published photographs of the place of the bloody attack, Saturday night to Sunday, which claimed the lives of seven people, the body of Abz show wearing a shirt , "Arsenal" club, and found that of Pakistani origin previously worked in London Metro Network Restaurants "KFC" .

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