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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Press


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International Press

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 1:56 am

International Press

The Guardian: the most serious diplomatic crisis facing the region for years

focused on British newspapers commented on cutting the Gulf states and Egypt diplomatic relations with Qtr.otota this diplomatic step after the publication of the Qatar News Agency 's statements to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad criticized some of the leaders of the Gulf states and called for the easing of tension with Iran.
In response to the publication of these statements, Saudi Arabia and the UAE blocked media such as the island country.
" The Guardian" that "many" air base located in Qatar, hosts Central Command officials and 10 thousand US troops, not clear how the decision will affect US military operations.
She explained , " The Guardian" that Qatar has long faced criticism from its Arab neighbors because of its support for groups such as the "Muslim Brotherhood", the political Islamic group banned in Saudi Arabia and the UAE due to its defiance of the rule there.
She continued by saying that the Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia disagreed with Qatar because of its support for Egypt 's deposed President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, even as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain summoned their ambassadors from Doha. And then by 8 months, they returned their ambassadors to Qatar after Doha forced some of the elements of the Brotherhood to leave while others called for calm, but nevertheless, has not seen a blockade 2014 land and sea , such as the crisis now.
The "Guardian" that Western officials accused of Qatar as well as to allow and encourage the financing of militants such as al - Qaeda branch in Syria, known as the Front for the victory.
The newspaper added that the decision to suspend diplomatic relations will have an impact on the Qatari economy.
She added that "food", among the sectors that will be affected because the Gulf states usually find it difficult to grow food, noting that Qatar attaches particular importance to food security, especially if the only land route to enter it is across the border with Saudi Arabia.
She explained that hundreds of trucks crossing the border daily, and is connected to 40% of the food needed by Qatar through this road.

The Sunday Telegraph: bomber Manchester "was under the control of an al - state group orchestrated the Paris attacks , " the

newspaper The Sunday Telegraph says it is suspected that the bomber Manchester was "managed remotely" through belonging to the organization of the Islamic State group was responsible for Paris and Brussels attacks, the tip - off sources a wish.
It is believed that Salman Abidi, who carried out the bombing of Manchester, conducted at least two phone Nos in Libya, were not registered to his family, before the minutes of the attack , which killed 22 people. Sources said in Libya , told the newspaper that "contact two men Libyans before the attack." And check the Libyan authorities regarding al - Obeidi , lest it be "run after" by "retreating in the virtual world" and pressed him to carry out the attack trained him. But British investigators said yesterday that Abedi was acting alone.
It was my servants, 22, in connection with a battalion Libyan forearm related to the organization of the Islamic state, which is believed to be behind a number of attacks in Europe, including Paris attacks , which claimed the lives of 120 people , as opposed to dozens of injured, after coordinated attacks in Bataclan theater and in the football stadium in France. Two officials Astkharrien US envoys told the New York Times that US Abedi was in contact with members of the forearm during his visit to Tripoli and a telephone in Britain. A security source told the Sunday Telegraph that Abedi conducted five contacts before launching the attack. After contact parents, individually, and then his brother, another was carried out by at least two Libyans for two men believed that the authorities were investigating them urgently on suspicion that they are linked to a battalion forearm. A Libyan security source told the newspaper , "We suspect that these men were also involved in the plot and were aware of them or they encourage my servants to carry out the attack."

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