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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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London attacks confirms that the seriousness of the organization "Daesh" do not stop


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London attacks confirms that the seriousness of the organization "Daesh" do not stop

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 8:35 am

London attacks confirms that the seriousness of the organization "Daesh" do not stop

British writer and analyst Patrick Coburn said the attacks in London recently bearing signs that the organization Daesh trying to show the world that it is still deadly.

He added the writer in an article published by the newspaper «Independent» British that the London attacks probably came as a result of instructions already arranged for a cell or individual from within the organization Daesh in Britain, not in response to the invitation of sympathizers to carry out attacks in Europe and elsewhere.

He considered the writer to Tnzidaash m more professional than is generally assumed, which is confirmed by his track record over the past five years; pointing out that the military tactics taken by traditionally responsible for determining the overall objectives and timing, but leave the freedom of local elements to determine everything else. He continued, are often mass murder by organizing Daesh unarmed civilians in known or symbolic places, to ensure maximum publicity, and dissemination of the greatest possible fear.

The writer explained that the latest murders in London has all these characteristics, they are very similar in this regard, with the previous attack on the Westminster Bridge done by Khaled Massoud, and in the Manchester Arena by Salman Abdi.

He pointed out that the timing of these three attacks linked to the likely setbacks suffered by the organization Daesh, and falling on the battlefield in Iraq, Syria and Libya, noting that its fighters had lost most of Mosul Center- the caliphate declared since it took over the city in 2014- which was attacked by the security forces Iraq for seven months. Syrian Kurds -madamon from the United States and their allies, said Arabs in the past few days, they are about to break into tenderness, the capital of the organization of the Syrian state realism isolated on the Euphrates River.

The writer pointed out that terrorism Daesh uses a deliberate and sadistic manner disturbing to balance any perception that it weakens, as seeks to prove to the world that he is still continuing his business despite the loss of land.

He explained that the organization welcomes the condemnation, because its brutality aimed at the headlines, and for this purpose the filming of his massacres own, cut the heads of journalists, burning prisoners alive, or dumped in cages. Last week, a bomb exploded outside an ice cream shop where children congregate in Baghdad, killing at least 15 people, according to some reports that 30 people were killed and dozens injured .;

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