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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Banking offices in Baghdad and Istanbul mediated suspicious operations


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Banking offices in Baghdad and Istanbul mediated suspicious operations

Post by rocky on Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:11 am

Banking offices in Baghdad and Istanbul mediated suspicious operations

- AUGUST 27, 2013

Offices banking in Baghdad and Istanbul mediated processes suspicious
Iraqi merchants involved transactions fake kidnap in Georgia
Foreign parliament confirms Order senior officials
BAGHDAD - just Kazem
exposed Iraqi merchants kidnapped in Georgia after Aahamanm business transaction alluring run by companies inside Iraq mediately offices banking in Baghdad and Istanbul, at the time supported the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee the presence of suspicious transactions, accusing senior officials with the support of mafias to implement foreign agendas, while waved Parliament economic use of Interpol. The Usher of the Baghdad Provincial Council increased the phenomenon of economic insecurity. A member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary names Musawi (time) yesterday that (the Commission has proved the existence of two cases of kidnapping of traders abroad first of Salah al-Din and the other from Baghdad, after research and investigation has been uncovered information that confirms the existence of some politicians, former government in the country leading mafiosi Iraqi abroad working on the kidnapping of traders and dignitaries, especially that all information indicates that all these mafias are connected via groups in several countries administrator senior Iraqi) said al-Moussawi said (this phenomenon is very dangerous for this
سنطرحها within the work of the Council of Representatives in future meetings to find a solution of no purse before rife).
For his part, member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Moussawi presence mafias external drag economists and traders Iraqis opportunities fictional implement their plans terrorist kidnapping and bargaining.
Moussawi said (time) yesterday that (there are mafias Iraqi offered to local merchants opportunities and profits fictional lure them out and abduction of the country and demanding a ransom be delivered to countries abroad in various ways, including through the offices of financial transfers to another country to establish where terrorist elements). He added that (this case was found in 2004 and then disappeared currently appear to cause confusion for the government and the economy in particular), said al-Moussawi said (the Commission is preparing to sue in this regard and requests international assistance through Interpol and organizations Iraq abroad and boards of business and the economy of Iraq and to support activity security inside and outside the country). Stressing that (one of the gangs and mafias have provoked political one person was arrested after the availability of information and proved it Mafany Iraqi foreign agendas and have been dealt with firmly). Calling (businessmen to pay attention and see the economy rooms in Iraq and not to be drawn behind the profit placebo and golden opportunities and not fall into the machinations of these mafias terrorist).
For his part, not surprised member of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary Chuan Mohamed Taha, the existence of these mafias in the absence of security and stability.
mafias dangerous
Taha said (time) yesterday that he (is not strange that these mafias spread and intensify its seriousness in this period where there is an absence a clear security and political struggle anonymously end). He added that the (four similar cases have occurred recently in Salah al-Din and Basra and Baghdad, and we will form committees to discuss the matter and we will call our ambassadors to sue states that infested these mafias and we will visit the Missions Iraq abroad and urge them to take into account security matters and caution in their dealings economic) , said Taha that (Protocol International provides for the protection of the state for any dealer on its territory, but did not apply this law to the Iraqis.)
A member of the security committee in the province of Baghdad Fadel
الشويلي (time) yesterday that (the last term has seen the formation of mafias and gangs led known politicians in the government is currently practicing a new kind of terrorism).
الشويلي said (gangs and mafias are a type of terrorism sided with internal and external works according subsidiary agendas of politicians in the government are working to weaken Iraq from all sides). He added (these mafias have been classified among the lists of terrorist that we will deal with them militarily) said الشويلي it (hard to protect traders who travel abroad without vacation or flag so it can not for any party security protection of individuals unknown destination so they must cooperate with the security forces and reporting for their destinations Economic and by whom they are dealing with to ensure the prosecution of wrongdoers and mafias and gangs internationally and help us in that exit Alraaq from Chapter VII, which allows us to deal according to the law).
said citizen who declined to be named (time) yesterday that (his friend dealer and versed materially in Baghdad received an invitation the representative of the company abroad and after a period he went to Georgia and saw Warm reception and protections and modern cars are moving from one place to another
فصدق resourceful The Mafia, which claims to be a trading company Bastahabh on a tour away from the Georgian capital of 400 kilometers where the truth emerged, and laid him in a dark room and beat him severely and asked him to inform his family and his relatives in Iraq, said needy to the amount of 500 thousand dollars to complete the business transaction that is converted into banking offices between Baghdad and Istanbul and on multiple parts and really been so freed merchant).
added (and after that released him the contact
بذويه demanding not meet any demands of any person related to his personal exposure to the kidnapping mafia was involved with all elements of Iraqis without anyone to know them).

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