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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspapers: May in the leadership, but without authority


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British newspapers: May in the leadership, but without authority

Post by rocky on Sun 11 Jun 2017, 2:39 am

British newspapers: May in the leadership, but without authority

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

Echoes of the results of the general election in Britain, still dominates the coverage of British newspapers for the third consecutive day.

The Sunday Telegraph newspaper published an article Ben Riley-Smith, deputy political editor, entitled "Leadership, but has no power." The paper says that British Prime Minister Theresa May eventually become isolated and weak, with the resignation of two senior aides angry reaction to the Conservative Party did not stop

May the Council of Ministers and informed that they must make a comprehensive change in the style of leadership and change its economic policy if it wants to stay in power at the moment.

According to the newspaper, the Council of Ministers stipulated that the protection of business and money during the exit from the stage of the European Union and to provide additional funding to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give its support to the Mai.

The paper adds that May got support in the short term from the Conservative Party, fearing that new elections would lead to Jeremy Corbin won the leader of the Labor Party, headed by Minister.

The Aqhob Riley-Smith said informal efforts to change the MySQL already started, as allies of Boris Johnson and David Davis began talking about the merits of the position.

The paper says that Mzaaamat Dzb Mahazin hold that Mai can not stay in power long, where some are changed by the party conference in October / October.

The minister said the government in May the newspaper "is from the same liver these losses, and it was possible to avoid the whole thing. Completely wiped out their credibility inside and outside the country. "

Some Conservative Party leaders also expressed concern that the party's reputation could be damaged if the form of a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, who in the face of the previous criticism of gay marriage.

The paper says that in a period not adjacent 24-hour Mai turned from the belief that it might get a historic majority to cling to power through the undertaking of a significant change in her style of leadership, and the damage caused by major shift in Mai perspective for itself and its image may be a stab fatal for her.

"Lacks the power and strength of credibility"

And Ntql to the Observer newspaper, which was an editorial entitled "After the electoral failure, Mai lacks the authority, power and credibility."

The paper asks: how the case to what it is? How was the case pursued a policy bent on her courage and experience since to stay in isolation at the headquarters of the prime minister in Downing Street, with no friends, her angry prisoner and the events that went out of control?

The paper says that Mai is responsible for the worst election campaign in history, where he squandered the opportunity to benefit from the opinion polls estimated that her party will win a difference of twenty points, as Adaayt Ogelbayh her party.

The paper says that the election result left Britain in the face of a very important question, one of which has the power to govern Britain? It adds that Britain is about to begin in the talks is the most important since the Second World War, which is out of the EU talks.

And change course, saying May but lacks the authority and political capital, which Tanajhma to negotiate strongly in favor of Britain out of the EU talks.

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