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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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French parliamentary elections and leads the polls shifty


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French parliamentary elections and leads the polls shifty

Post by rocky on Mon 12 Jun 2017, 1:31 am

French parliamentary elections and leads the polls shifty

 Paris / BBC - AFP

The French went to the polls yesterday in the first round of parliamentary elections , which is expected to be the new president Emmanuel shifty gives a strong majority to allow him to make the promised reforms.
It expects opinion polls to lead the party (Republic forward), founded by shifty in April in 2016, and win this election is the ally of the Democratic Movement Party , which represents the center - right 30 percent of the vote in the first round.

Munir said Mahjoubi Minister of State in the government of shifty Reuters during a tour to rally support in his constituency in northern France , "We want a large majority so that we can work and change France over the next five years."
It is expected that the Republicans , the conservative party and its allies got around 20 percent, while the right - wing National Front party , led by former presidential candidate Marin could die if that about 17 percent of the vote.
Opinion polls suggest that these results will be transformed into an overwhelming majority of supporters shifty in the second round, scheduled a week later on June 18 th, where he will receive between 397 and 427 seats out of 577 seats in the National Assembly ( the second chamber of the French parliament , in addition to the Senate) .
Although difficult to predict the outcome of these elections, especially with the competition in total 7882 candidates to the National Assembly seats, it is expected to even rivals the Republic Party forward, for the shifty
The party 's candidates have won shifty 10 of 11 constituencies for French citizens residing outside the country, where they were voting early in the 3 and 4 - June.
The election of members of the National Assembly on the basis of the majority system in individual constituencies, and if you do not exceed any of the candidates, 50% in the first session, qualify the first two automatically to a second cycle, along the lines of those who skip 12.5% of registered, even if they were in third or fourth, Visttion participate in the second session, and in this session, elect , who gets the largest number of votes, whatever the turnout.
The party needs to win seats numbering 289 to secure an absolute majority in the National Assembly and the total number of seats, including 577 representatives of Corsica.
He noted a poll conducted by Opinion Wye with the other hand on the third of May / May that shifty party on his way to victory at between 249 and 286 seats.
For her part , it announced that the French authorities, on Sunday to participate in the French legislative elections stood at 40.75% until at 15.00 GMT in a clear decline compared to 2012.
French President Emmanuel shifty and cast his vote with his wife in the municipality of the city of "Le Touquet" , northern France , amid tight security and took souvenir photographs with citizens who gathered heavily around the municipality to greet him .. As Marine Le Pen voted candidate far - right loser in the French presidential election last month in the town , "Henin - Beaumont."

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