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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Mon 12 Jun 2017, 1:31 am

The world in 24 hours

German Foreign Minister: Qatar crisis could lead to war ,
said German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Saturday that the crisis between Qatar and other Arab countries could lead to war, adding that there is still a chance to defuse tension. Gabriel added to the newspaper: "There is a danger that this dispute leads to war , " referring to what he described as obtrusive "severe" in relations between the Gulf states. Said Gabriel, said that the talks in recent days with his counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, as well as two telephone calls with Iranian foreign ministers of Kuwait and confirmed his fears. He continued: "After my conversation this week , I know how serious the situation but I think that there are also good opportunities to make progress."

ministers are demanding a "soft coup" on May
request five cabinet ministers from the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson to begin efforts to replace Prime Minister Theresa May after failing to obtain a parliamentary majority in the elections that took place last week, according to the newspaper "The Sunday Times . " The newspaper said the ministers contacted Johnson on Friday morning shortly after the clarity of the results of the election , which was a shock. The Sunday Times quoted a saying from an ally , " a group of senior figures pledged allegiance to Boris Johnson at the level of the Council of Ministers." However , he later supported Johnson May and rejected reports that he had planned to defy the leadership. He said in his tweet on Twitter that what was published " The Sunday Mail on Hra..anna Theresa May I support. Let us continue to work." He had declared advisers to the British Covenants Prime Minister Theresa May, resigned Saturday after losing her party 's conservative absolute majority in parliament after elections undermined its authority. It was reported that senior members of the ruling conservative party 's departure office managers spoke on condition of Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, to allow to remain in power after the May elections Thursday Ovqdtha majority in parliament.

Daesh negotiates the delivery of tenderness in exchange for safe exit
Syrian activists reported that there were negotiations between the organization "Daesh" in tenderness, democracy and the forces of Syria to secure a safe exit for the organization of the city, in exchange delivered to the Kurds.
Said Nacton- according to the channel (Russia Today) yesterday Alohd- "that a delegation from the Office of the tribes of the organization Tfawd- Friday Almadih- with Syria democratic forces in the city of Tel White, to secure a safe exit for elements Daesh from the city towards Deir al - Zour province." The Russian Defense Ministry had talked earlier about the existence of an agreement between the leadership of the Kurdish factions of the democratic forces of Syria, and representatives of the organization Daesh, to ensure a safe exit for militants organization south of the city, the ministry decided after receiving this information, prevent militants organization from going out in the direction of the south and late last month targeted a convoy of fighters Daesh while trying to get out of tenderness.

Tehran ,
killing "mastermind" of the offensive parliament and Khomeini 's mausoleum ,
Iran announced the killing of the mind described as the mastermind of the attacks on the simultaneous parliament building and Khomeini 's mausoleum in the capital Tehran and claimed Dhathma 17 dead.
This comes at a time when authorities impose tight security measures in various parts of the country in anticipation of possible attacks. And a woman blew herself up using an explosive belt inside the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, police killed another suicide bomber, while four others were killed in an attack by the Shura Council (parliament), according to local press reports. The adoption of the Islamic State Tntam responsibility for the attacks.
The Iranian Intelligence Minister, Mahmoud Alawi, told "Tasnim" Iran: " The main mastermind and leader of the terrorist attacks on the parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini was killed by security forces today." Alawi added that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence was almost daily reveal the identity of "terrorist squads" and kill them, but they were not published details for fear of panic among the masses.
A court official said on Saturday that the authorities also arrested seven people suspected of helping the militants involved in the attacks. On Friday, Tehran announced the arrest of 41 people suspected of links to other attacks Tehran. Tehran police said that the car used by the attackers in Wednesday 's attacks found on Saturday in the central city area.
She added, in a statement quoted by local media, that " the terrorists went by car to the shrine at the beginning and after landing two of them, drove them to the city center for the attack on the parliament." In another context.

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