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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Tue 13 Jun 2017, 1:46 am

The world in 24 hours

police arrest opposition "Navalena"
The wife of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, on Twitter, he said that the police arrested her husband at the entrance to his house on Monday, before a protest rally was unauthorized to be organized in the center of Moscow.
A spokeswoman for Navalena, in a separate tweet, he was cut off power from his office as well as the live broadcast from the office via the Internet, a Reuters witness said, the police arrested a small number of protesters yesterday, while leaving the underground station before the rally, the arrests took place simultaneously almost with the arrest Navalena and at the same time alert hundreds of police in the center of Moscow, to disperse a protest rally planned , organized by Navalena, and will explain the size of the protests whether Navalena, which to beat Putin seeks next year's presidential election, he can build on the success of a protest similar systems in March Where thousands took to the streets across Russia. These protests are the largest since the wave of anti-Kremlin demonstrations in 2012 and was more than a thousand people where the arrest , which caused domestic pressure rarely on Putin , who is expected to run for a period and win a new term in elections next year.

Tehran ,
Rowhani: Governments aimed at young people to take advantage of the ideas of
Iranian President Hassan Rowhani stressed that the use of ideas and perspectives of the younger generation within the twelve government goals of view, adding that the achievement of the goals of the elections side by side, something you can not forget about it.
President Rowhani said at a breakfast ceremony organized by the Iranian presidency with a number of young people and university students , said: "Young people are the reasons for the recent presidential election saga has been an epic record of young people excited about the election."
President Rowhani said, according to a statement published by the Presidency through the official website of Dr. Hassan Rowhani and broadcast in four languages that should the Iranian government that the presidential elections goals follow in solidarity and unified. He Rowhani said: " We must at universities and companies based on science and technology and young people in general to take steps in order to obtain freedom, security, stability, tranquility and progress and prosperity."
President Rowhani concluded his speech after breakfast food by saying: "We need to bring young people in the cultural and political circles in order to resolve the problems and build the future , "

UK: Our plan for «Briczat» has not changed ,
said a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday (Monday) the government 's plan to get out of the EU has not changed despite an electoral gamble dropped Britain 's policy in the clutches of the chaotic days of the start of formal talks before going out.
It may failed to win a parliamentary majority in a clear election last week , prompting calls to limit its plan to get out of the single European market and competitors make some lawmakers calling for the postponement of the checkout process.
A spokesman for May «Our position is clear. And we have explained on a number of occasions , there has been no change it », adding that the Minister of withdrawal from the European Union Affairs David Davies stressed the same position earlier yesterday. He went on saying (it is obvious that discussions are taking place in the government , but Davis said that we put our plans clearly not changed them). The election result was forced May to seek an agreement with a small party , featuring politicians from Northern Ireland , a «Democratic Unionist» to support the government and vote on important legislation.
A spokesman for May «continuing talks with the Democratic Unionist Party and there is good progress». It is expected to be the first test of any agreement is the Queen 's speech , a formal occasion the government asking parliament to approve the legislative agenda.
Said «BBC» (BBC) yesterday, he said that the British government will delay the Queen 's speech , which usually shows through its plans regarding the policy, due to the unrest after the failure of the May parliamentary achieve a clear majority last week.
She added that the speech was scheduled on June 19, but will be postponed for several days. It sparked a shock election result important questions about the way in which will be followed May to move forward in its plan to bring Britain out of the European Union.

Interior addresses Egyptian Interpol to hand over 30 terrorists in Qatar
on Monday , an official Egyptian source said that coordination was ongoing between the Foreign Ministries of Justice regarding the renewal of the request of Interpol, the extradition of wanted to Cairo defendants in terrorism cases reside mostly in Qatar.
The source reported that the official authorities in Egypt was sent to Interpol earlier wanted list, was renovated, Monday.
The request includes delivery of 40 of the accused in terrorist cases, of whom 30 people living in Qatar from the leaders of the Brotherhood and involved in a number of terrorist cases. The source pointed out that the preacher Yusuf al - Qaradawi comes on top of the list next to each of Tariq al Assem Abdel Majid and Ahmad Mansour, Yahya Musa, Walid Sharabi and Gamal Heshmat and the verses of Orabi and others in Doha and Britain.
Issued Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Thursday, a list of 59 personal and 12 terrorist entity harbored and supported by Qatar, and pose a threat to peace and security in the four countries and in the region of terrorist their activities, including figures of internationally required or from several States and some of which imposed sanctions on it for supporting terrorism.

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