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Nationalities for sale ... nine countries can buy their nationalities less the prices


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Nationalities for sale ... nine countries can buy their nationalities less the prices

Post by rocky on Tue 13 Jun 2017, 1:58 am

Nationalities for sale ... nine countries can buy their nationalities less the prices

Arab and international   Tuesday June 13, 2017

Dream no longer get another nationality elusive or impossible, as some think, many countries are offering to sell citizenship in exchange for certain investments, for many reasons, most notably the difficult economic situation which is going through some of these countries, or because of their need for foreign investments, or because of the need these countries are trained labor and technical disciplines are rare, as is the case for example in Australia, Canada and Turkey, States may give their nationalities for purely humanitarian reasons.

According to several reports, the total annual expenditure on the purchase of nationalities around the world, nearly two billion dollars.

States began to develop special conditions for citizenship, including the purchase of certain amounts of drugs, or put a certain amount in a bank, or even infusion of capital in the form of investments in different sectors.

In this report, the prices of nationality displays in a number of countries, and special conditions for them.

* Paraguay

Authorities request in Paraguay to open a bank account and deposit of five thousand dollars only, or buy land, with which you get permanent residence, after 3 years of continuous residence, you get the nationality of Paraguay.


Brazilian authorities have set several conditions for citizenship, and in order to obtain the citizenship of Brazil, requires payment of 65 thousand dollars, in the form of investments, or buy a property, in addition to the residence for a period of 4 years.

* Lithuania

To get Lithuanian citizenship, you must buy real estate worth 71 thousand euros in rural areas, or 145 thousand euros in the major cities. This helps sexual access to all EU countries without a visa.

* Ukraine

Enough to establish a company up to $ 100 thousand dollars, in order to obtain citizenship.

* Dominican

Caribbean island, inhabited by 75 thousand people, and can get citizenship only $ 100 thousand, in addition to various fees, citizens enjoy this state, especially in the United Kingdom, due to its accession to the Commonwealth, as well as the possibility of travel to 50 countries without visa privileges .


To obtain Russian citizenship, it requires an investment of approximately $ 165 thousand, in one of the economic sectors.


Spanish authorities are offering access to citizenship in exchange for the payment of 160 thousand euros, in the form of investments in the housing sector and real estate, help sexual holder access to all European Union countries, as well as to other countries.

* Saint Kitts and Hnevics

For the nationality of this state, there are two ways, the first is to donate a quarter million dollars to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, a public charity, the second method is represented to invest 400 thousand dollars at least in the real estate sector of the island.

* Switzerland

Of the most important nationalities around the world, and the authorities placed several conditions for Swiss nationality, most notably, the payment of 250 thousand Swiss francs in the form of investments, and 12 years of residence.

*United kingdom

Requires access to British citizenship invest not less than 500 thousand pounds sterling, but it recently announced that the acquisition of nationality, requires payment of investments of up to 200 thousand pounds sterling, and five years later, gives British citizenship authorities.

* Grenada

It requires wishing to obtain the nationality of the island of Grenada, located in the Caribbean to invest about $ 311 thousand, and this amount includes all legal and government costs and the costs of issuing the passport.

* Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean

Nationality offered for sale in this component of the two islands since 2013 the state by investing $ 400 thousand in the real estate market or to donate 200 thousand dollars to a charity.

The prime minister pointed at the announcement of the program that they had to because of the economic slowdown and the disappearance of traditional sources of funding, it is expected that this country offers its nationality to investors in the year 2017.

* Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the authorities have set several conditions for citizenship, through an investment of up to $ 512 thousand euros in government bonds, where this step entitles you to obtain residence, and in the case of an investment of 512 thousand euros other, the investor gets Bulgarian citizenship.

* Malta

It became the investment programs for the sale of nationality continues to grow, Malta has recently been widely criticized when it announced a plan to grant citizenship to those who invest 650 thousand euros without residency requirement, and this makes them cheaper EU countries that sell nationality.

The prime minister says that these conditions are applied to 45 people in the first year, which netted 30 million euros on the Treasury.

*United State

It requires US citizenship to invest 500 thousand dollars in any area, or invest $ million in the major cities.


Once you invest 500 thousand euros in one of the productive sectors, the government gives in Ireland nationality, and thus become a citizen of Irish, you can access more than 50 countries without a visa.


Published official Turkish newspaper, the beginning of this year, the text of the amendments made to the granting of Turkish citizenship to foreign nationals law.

The new law text and select the granting of citizenship to anyone who buys a property worth not less than one million dollars, and not to sell it in three years, and granting citizenship to the investment amount not less than two million dollars in the Turkish market.

As sex is also granted, for each of the deposit of US $ 3 million in Turkish banks, provided they are not withdrawn within 3 years, or from running 100 workers, in addition to the investor who buys government bonds worth at least $ 3 million, provided that he sells through 3 Years.

* Cyprus

Nationality offered for sale through direct investment, and the cost of the program in which up to two million euros, or about two million and $ 150 thousand.

* Australia

If you would like to obtain Australian citizenship, it requires $ 4.7 million spent in the country, in addition to the residence for two years.

* Austria

Who wants to obtain Austrian citizenship to invest $ 10 million in the country.

In addition to live in Vienna, one of the most beautiful European cities and the most famous are entitled to the passport holder to move in the countries of "Schengen" and travel to 160 countries in the world without visas.


It is one of the most expensive nationalities around the world, which requires the payment of investments valued at about $ 10 million, and stay for 10 years.

* Republic of Vanuatu Vanuatu

Located in the South Pacific is a 3-hour flight from Sydney, Australia, and nearly two hours of the Fiji Islands Bmalanezia, and one hour from the territory of New Caledonia French.

Share the cost per person for the nationality of the Republic, $ 170 thousand, while the husband and wife 210 thousand dollars, to be made up the cost of the family of three 220 thousand dollars, and the family consisting of 4 persons $ 230 thousand.

The family of 5 persons will cost $ 250 thousand, and the family consisting of 6 persons $ 275 thousand, the Government has identified the cost of individuals at least 18 years of $ 20 thousand, while the cost of persons over the age of 18 years, $ 30 thousand.

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