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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Australia recognizes the severe package laws to crack down on immigrants


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Australia recognizes the severe package laws to crack down on immigrants

Post by rocky on Tue 13 Jun 2017, 2:56 am

Australia recognizes the severe package laws to crack down on immigrants

10:20 - 13/06/2017

Australian authorities granted the Minister and the abolition of migration waiver Australian citizenship and citizenship authority even if the veto in court, in the context of the laws "more stringent" relating to immigrants who commit crimes, as well as to punish those who have obtained citizenship through fraud or falsification of the facts.

According to Australian media minister Peter Dutton can cancel the decisions of the Court of Appeal in some administrative matters relating to the granting of visas, but it will be extended in the new governance reforms that will be submitted to parliament this week's framework.

Said Dutton, "This is just an attempt to harmonize the order of citizenship with the existing laws regarding the granting of visas and the abolition of now."

This comes at a time when the Australian federal government is seeking to establish stricter laws with regard to young immigrants who commit crimes, where the government plans to deny them citizenship and cancel their visas and even deported to their country at the age of 18.

It will be withdrawn Australian citizenship from those who obtained fraudulent manner or was revealed that they lied to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, under tough new laws will be announced in the federal parliament next week.

And it will benefit the government Turnbull of the next two weeks before the holiday winter parliament, to approve some of the hardline laws, which had announced some of them last April, including making the wait for permanent residents four years rather than one year to apply for citizenship and to impose a higher level of knowledge of the English language.

According to the newspaper "Sydney Telegraph", the bill which will be introduced next week, would give the immigration minister broad powers, including the withdrawal of Australian citizenship from people who suspected they received citizenship through fraud or falsification of the facts even if it is not to condemn these people.

For the first time it will impose a personal test on young immigrants under the age of 18, that canceled their visas and deported if Rspoa when they attained the legal age.

As children under the age of ten will lose the right to Australian citizenship if they live in Australia illegally at any time, under the laws aimed at punishing parents to live in Australia illegally.

While the opposition did not declare its position clear from these actions, the opposition accused through its spokesman for sexual affairs Tony Burke, the coalition not to provide any project for discussion, explaining that the opposition would agree to any reasonable proposal.

It is noteworthy that Australia exercises strict policy towards asylum seekers and illegal immigrants where the arrest of up Australian territory through smuggling boats in the special detention of refugee centers. Finished / 25

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