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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Alpetkoan invade the world markets ... Will it be the electronic currency of the future?


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Alpetkoan invade the world markets ... Will it be the electronic currency of the future?

Post by rocky on Tue 13 Jun 2017, 3:08 am

Alpetkoan invade the world markets ... Will it be the electronic currency of the future?

Tuesday June 13, 2017 09:54

Spread in recent currency "Alpetkoan" in the Arab world , especially after a "ransom" electronic. Currency "Alpetkoan" stirring up controversy since its inception and did not stop, especially after experiencing sharp fluctuations in the last time. While it valued at more than a thousand dollars at the beginning of 2017 and then fell sharply, increasing questions about what the currency.

What are Alpetkoan?
"Alpetkoan" is a digital currency, or a fake currency ( the default) is not issued by any central bank is not subject to the supervision of any supervisory body. Of the invention and design of the unidentified person known as "Satoshi Nakamoto".
Central Bank of Commerce calls to cancel 10 companies to broker for buying and selling dollar

Is unblinded currency can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, but with several key differences, notably that this currency is an electronic currency trading is fully online only without the presence of her physical. It also differs from traditional currencies that there is no central regulatory body stands behind it .

What is the purpose of using it ?
Organizers say on the composition of the objective of this currency raised for trading for the first time in 2009, the global economy is changing in the same way is the Web publishing methods. It can be used like any other currency to buy online or even convert them to traditional currencies. For example , it is used in the process of buying Aloshalh on websites.

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Pros Alpetkoan?
Summed up the advantages of this currency in the following:

- low fees and speed:
instead of having a mediator between you and the merchant to transfer money, rather than to allocate financial fees to the Broker, brings Alpetkoan to summarize all the process in time and money. With a coin Alpetkoan, no need for the mediator between you and the merchant, because the currency did not move, but the currency code is what came out of your wallet and income to the merchant portfolio. This process is done between you and the merchant without an intermediary and called P2P or peer - Balnd.

- Confidentiality:
buying and selling operations can not be monitored or interfered with , and this is a positive point for anyone who likes privacy. It also reduces the control of the government and banks on the currency.

- Global:
Alpetkoan are not linked to a specific geographical location. It can be handled like the local currency. This eliminates the central banks control the printing of money that caused inflation and rising prices.

The reason why this currency is protected from inflation is limited number. Satoshi Nakamoto has a plan that is produced 21 million by the year 2140. currency as the limited number gave great value in the market, after the price was equal to 6 cents, rose to more than $ 1,000, then donated to about $ 600. The reason for the big sudden changes it is not stable yet, and you can follow up the price on the site coindesk.

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Mining Alpetkoan

intended Alpetkoan mining extraction. To simplify the concept Take, for example gold. Gold is to be extracted from the earth requires dedicated to Malk purpose specific equipment, in addition to a great effort. The same thing applies to Alpetkoan, it requires hardware and software dedicated disassemble code and complex calculations. These programs are free online. But your phone can not afford this mining operation because it requires miraculous electrical energy.

The currency Alpetkoan extract via the Internet by using free programs are complex and documented calculations, and can anyone who has a private investment and time to produce currency equipment. But it is limited and easy to predict the future rate.

This is not only , but is also monitoring and participation of the movement or transfer of currency conversion between users via the Internet and document electronic signature transaction can not be changed or falsified or deleted, then the information is stored in the Internet without recording any personal evidence.

The most important requirements that are typically used in currency Alpetkoan extract are fast processors devices such as modern computers or servers used by large companies or devices are now manufactured specifically for this task.

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Market value

broke the total market value of the currency " Bitcoin virtual" barrier of $ 100 billion, while the average price of $ 3,000 at the beginning of the month of June. The value of "Bitcoin" after a week, about $ 2,500 , but it was able to reach new historic peak after a few days.

This is due to the surge activity of Asian markets, and increased trading in the Japanese stock market "bitFlyer", Korean "bithumb", Chinese "OKCoin Huobi", because they are seeing an increase in demand for currency "Bitcoin", more than it is in European and American financial markets.

Expects Daniel Masters, head of the Global hedge fund "Global Investment Fund Advisors Bitcoin" that the value of "Bitcoin" up during 8-14 months to about $ 4,000.
And it is currently studying the Russian Central Bank , the possibility of introducing "Bitcoin" in banking transactions in Russia, as said central boss, Alvira Nabealina, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg: "We are now studying and Ntmahs the possibility of applying it. And I think we need to better understand the extent of introduction and assimilation (Bitcoin) in banks and trading our systems, we see that the use of (Bitcoin) entails a lot of risk. "

It is noteworthy that last February, opened in the center of the Austrian capital Vienna , the first to coin the "Bitcoin Bank", for buying and selling digital currency. This is what will make the currency - related operations easier and safer.

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