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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Expectations of the postponement of the negotiations «Brixt»


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Expectations of the postponement of the negotiations «Brixt»

Post by rocky on Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:17 am

Expectations of the postponement of the negotiations «Brixt»

6/14/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning
Expectations to postpone the talks to start Britain's exit from the European Union, which was supposed to start on the 19th of this month, as a result of the British parliamentary elections, and the loss of the Conservative Party's absolute majority in parliament.
The Kalta credit rating , "Standard & Poor 's " and "Moody 's " have warned that the results of these elections , which will have Totarma Britain 's sovereign ratings.
He added that "This loss will delay Britain out of the EU negotiations and complicated by ."
The two agencies that " the results of parliamentary elections may put more pressure on the British economy."
The Ordfatta that "results inconclusive British parliamentary elections means that the government 's priorities towards reducing the deficit in the country fell," Modhtan that this may be reflected on the credit rating of Britain and makes it difficult for them to borrow.
It is said that the grades determined by the credit rating agencies are testimony to the wealth, dictate the conditions under which companies and countries borrow in the capital markets, and to the extent that low - grade is the interest rate demanded by creditors high.
The agencies said: " The ratio of public debt will rise more and for longer than Toukaanh,. Which puts Britain among the European countries that public debt is still high , where"
Said David Davis, Minister of Albraikst - negotiations on Britain 's exit from the European Union in a press statement that "Britain out of the EU negotiations will begin next week, not necessarily on 19 June."
Brussels called on to speed up the start of the talks on the terms of Albraikst and reach a future trade agreement as it is supposed to leave Britain Union in March 2019 , whatever the results.
It was scheduled to begin talks tentatively scheduled for two years between the British Minister David Davis Albraikst official Albraikst EU Michel Barnier, officially on June 19.
Lost Prime Minister Theresa May in this election was 12 seats for the Conservative Party when he called for early elections, necessitating the use of other parties in the House of Commons administration led government affairs.
And it justified its call for early elections of their desire to obtain a popular mandate stronger supports its position in Britain out of the EU negotiations.

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