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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Sat 17 Jun 2017, 2:40 am

The world in 24 hours

stronghold of bin Laden in the grip of Daesh
officials said Thursday, the militants organization «Islamic State» (Daesh) who are under pressure from the US and Afghan forces took control of the new stronghold in Tora Bora, which is filled with mountainous caves along the Afghan border with Pakistan . The famous area in Nangarhar province that it was a stronghold of the leader of the organization «Qaeda» Osama bin Laden in late 2001, while in the face of the US makes them troops and Afghan forces allied with them, which overthrew the rule of «Taliban» movement. Now, Afghan officials say the organization «Islamic State» fighters took control of the caves in the Tora Bora area after days of fighting with «Taliban» that were stationed there. The police chief in the region , Shah Wali, said that «these areas surrounding Tora Bora was a stronghold of the Taliban, but Daesh fighters took control of them during the fighting». The spokesman acknowledged «Taliban» Zabihullah Mujahid, that «Daesh» fighters have taken control of several villages, but denied control of the uprooted Tora Bora. He pledged the commander of US forces in Afghanistan , General John Nicholson , the defeat of the organization «Islamic State» this year, and in April (last April) used the largest conventional bomb in the fall fighting to target caves area used by the organization in the neighboring Lachin region. He said Wali: «After Lachin, was Daesh looking for a second stronghold , and now got it». He drew one of the leaders «Daesh» in Afghanistan called Abu Omar's concrete «Reuters», that its fighters took control of the Tora Bora are also fighting backed ground and air forces US government forces.
Concrete said: «We are in Tora Bora , but this is not the end ... The plan is to control more land from the government and the Taliban». He pointed out the owner of a Tor tribal elders in the region, until the fighting pay hundreds of families to flee their homes, and the estimated number of organization «Islamic State» fighters in the region in the hundreds.

high number of fire victims .. London has
risen to 30 , the number of fire which broke out in a residential tower in the British capital London Wednesday dead, amid fears that the number of victims exceeds this figure. The police commander said, Stewart Candy, "We know that at least 30 were killed as a result of the fire," and that after the recent reports have announced that the high number of victims to 17 people.
He added that Kandy is expected to increase the number, pointing out that 24 people are still in hospital, while there are 12 people in intensive care.
In an earlier statement, Candy replied to a question if the final figure will be in the dozens or hundreds box, he said : "I hope not to be in the hundreds box."
While police said there is no evidence so far that the fire which broke out in the Tower "Grinfel Tower" , the 24 - storey, deliberate, but the investigation is still looking at a crime might have been committed. The newspaper "The Sun" British has said that 65 people are still either missing or feared dead, and published a list of names and photographs of the missing.
And ordered the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to open a formal investigation to uncover the circumstances of the fire, said May , "We owe it to the families and people who have lost loved ones and homes where they have lived."

bombing "criminal" in the custody of China .. and dozens of victims were
killed 8 people and wounded 65 others were injured Thursday in an explosion in a house in east China 's custody, police described as a "criminal."
The agency said the new China , "Xinhua , " The explosion occurred around five pm local time, near the entrance to the nursery in the town of Xuzhou coastal Jiangsu Province.
It showed pictures posted on social networking sites about 12 women and children lying on the ground in the first moments after the explosion apparently.
He showed a video clip infected clothes burnt a woman reeling, while others sat on the ground holding children weeping between their arms.
Reuters said it was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the video clips, as quoted by Xinhua that he was not among the victims , children or teachers.

Ankara ,
Erdogan angry and launched an attack on the US administration
launched a Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a scathing attack on the US judiciary, following the decision of prosecutors in Washington arrested 12 of his companions security accused of assaulting protesters on the sidelines of his visit to the US capital in May / May last. Erdogan said in a speech in the Turkish capital of Ankara, "We will fight politically and judicially" against this decision , which he described as unacceptable, adding that while the "terrorist groups pretending to 50 meters away from me, the American police did not do anything."
The US judiciary issued Thursday 12 arrest warrants for the security of elements belonging to Erdogan identified them as President of the Washington police through videos spotted the incident , which occurred outside the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington on May 16.
There have been violent clashes between the Turkish security guards and demonstrators in response that killed 12 wounded , including a policeman and strained relations between Ankara and Washington, after a meeting between Erdogan and US President Donald Trump.
The State Department summoned the Turkish ambassador to Washington, before Ankara 's progress in contrast, on the call, the US ambassador to protest against the "security gaps" during the visit. Erdogan continued , "We have arrested two of our citizens. Is it possible that? And issued arrest warrants for 12 of my guards notes. What kind of legislation this? What kind of law?". He added , "If not to protect me, why am I escorted my guards with me to the United States? Is Hans and George will protected me?", Two names used by the Turkish president usually talking about Europe.
For his part, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, in a statement read by a spokesman, said that the arrest warrants , " a clear message that the United States does not accept that the people using intimidation and violence to stifle the freedom of expression, political expression and legitimate."

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