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The name of the case: the departure of Helmut Kohl, architect of the reunification of Germany


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The name of the case: the departure of Helmut Kohl, architect of the reunification of Germany

Post by rocky on Sun 18 Jun 2017, 3:19 am

The name of the case: the departure of Helmut Kohl, architect of the reunification of Germany

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the architect of the unification of Germany, died yesterday about 87 years old.
The newspaper "Bild" German , which was very close to the management of these prominent in the contemporary history of Germany Personal, Cole died , "this morning at his home in Ludwigshafen" in southwest Germany.
She said German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Cole "is my life in the form of a crucial" role played by the reunification of Germany. She said from Rome: "We Germans were lucky" Bakool , who was an adviser between 1982 and 1998.
She added: "Like millions of others, I was able to cross from the dictatorship of the Democratic Republic of Germany to freedom ... all what happened in the next 27 years , from yesterday to today was not possible without Helmut Kohl. I am grateful to him personally to a great extent."
He described Merkel 's spokesman Steffen Seibert late chancellor as a "great European". He wrote in "Twitter" social networking "great sorrow on the great German and a great European."
French President Emmanuel shifty commented via "Twitter": "with Helmut Kohl , we lose a very great European," and said he "was a Alrjalat bone in Europe and the free world."
He wrote European Commission President Jean - Claude Juncker in the "Twitter" that "the death of Helmut Kohl hurts a lot. He and my friend the essence of Europe itself. Miss him very much."
Former US President George W. Bush paid tribute to the late chancellor, said in a statement that " a true friend of freedom and one of Europe 's biggest leaders in the post" World War II.
Cole was a personal window established close ties with French President Francois Mitterrand in an effort to European integration. In 2008 , he fell to the ground and was badly injured crippled in a wheelchair.
At home, celebrating the Germans Bakool as German reunification engineer which achieved after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 , despite resistance to the likes of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev partners.
Shortly after Cole moved from his post, his reputation has been contaminated because of a corruption scandal in his party , which belongs to the right of the center - which is now led by Merkel. Cole is the spiritual father of Merkel , at the beginning of her career and the same in the first ministerial post Tolth.
Germany honored the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl , 80, called the adviser «German unity» by issuing a postage stamp bears his image. And it pushed aside the current Chancellor Angela Merkel during the unveiling of the nature of honor , which was held in Berlin in the presence of a large number of German men and invited the state party.
Cole and one of the key figures who contributed to the achievement of the dream of unity between the two parts of Germany, East and West in 1990, and is one of the architects of German unity.
Cole was born April 3 / April 1930 in the German city of Ludwigshafen, he joined the Christian Democratic Union Party 1946.
He studied at the University of Frankfurt , Germany, and received his doctorate in political science from the University of Heidelberg 's degree.
- Prime Minister of the state of Rhineland - Palatinate between 1969 and 1976.
- Chairman of the Christian Democratic Union Party in 1973, until 1998.
- In 1976 , Cole became a member of the House of Representatives in the West German Parliament (Bundestag).
- elected on October 1 / October 1982 as the Federal Chancellor of Germany (West), the post of prime minister.
- In the summer of 1989, and with the start of the disintegration of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe and the opening of borders and the displacement of thousands of East Germany to the West, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Cole benefited from the political changes that have occurred in the eastern part of the start in the footsteps of German reunification, and in February 1990, visited the Soviet Union to obtain guarantees for the reunification of Germany, to begin after the unit steps, and in the October 3, 1990, was canceled East German state and the unification of its territory with West Germany.
Cole remained an adviser to the unified Germany in the elections of 1990 and 1994, but failed to obtain the necessary majority in the 1998 elections won by his successor Gerhard Schroeder.
In 1997, he received the Europe Prize for his efforts to unify Europe.
Cole described as the «largest European continent 's leaders in the second half of the twentieth century.»

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