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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump denounces him as being "persecuted"


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Trump denounces him as being "persecuted"

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 1:35 am

Trump denounces him as being "persecuted"

 Washington / O.v.b- BBC

US President Donald Trump defended Sunday his administration besieged by crises in a series of tweets, again denouncing the campaign of "persecution" against him.
Trump wrote on his account on Twitter "Let us make America great again performing well , despite confusion (resulting from) persecution."
Under Trump 's first weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat in the mountains of the state of Maryland west of the country.
" The many new functions, the enthusiasm of big business."
" The infrastructure, health care system, tax cuts, on the way."
Trump also pointed to the successful choice of conservative judge Neil Gorsic in the Supreme Court.
In another tweet attacked, Donald Trump, on Sunday , June 18, he described as "witch hunters", who are trying to disrupt his career in the White House.
Trump said in a tweet through his account on the site "Twitter": "Agenda: Let 's make America great again, going very well despite attempts by scattering by the witch hunters ... there are many new jobs, and stimulate investments."
He added : "There is also a huge reduction in the budget, and there are 36 new legislative law was signed, and there is a new infrastructure and laws on health care, and tax cuts for business owners."
The term "witch hunters", already used by Trump to his critics, especially from the media that she was talking about the alleged ties between his campaign and Russia.
Tweets comes on Sunday after Trump announced angry Friday that he is under investigation in his dismissal , former director of the FBI , James Comey , who was using his investigating suspicions of collusion between the team and the Trump Russia campaign file.
But a source in the Trump legal team said the president refers in Ngridth to achieve published by the Washington Post entitled " The other night" and confirms that it is under investigation.
The Washington Post , among many of the media published that Trump himself is subject to investigation for obstruction of justice.
There are doubts that Trump sacked Kumi to keep the former national security adviser who is close to President Michael Flynn of the investigation department.
Trump denied that he tried to influence the investigation.
US President Donald Trump hinted that he is under investigation on investigations into allegations of Russia 's intervention in the results of the US elections.
US reports revealed that the private investigator Robert Mueller, who is investigating the Russian intervention in the elections, is also investigating the possible involvement of US President Donald Trump in the obstruction of justice.
In the tweet, Trump hinted to accuse the Attorney General Ptshehadh assistant.
Trump said, " is being investigated with me for the dismissal of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by a man who asked me to dismiss him."
He wrote Rod Rosenstein Assistant Attorney General memorandum used by the White House to justify the dismissal of former head of the FBI's.
And take Rosenstein to investigate if Russia intervened in the US elections after the Attorney General Jeff distanced himself from the investigation Sessions last March.
Assistant Attorney General later Mueller was appointed to take over the investigation.
Reports indicate that Mueller planned to interrogate intelligence officials about whether Trump was get rid of the FBI director James Comey in May to obstruct the investigation of the dismissal of national security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump said in a tweet "after seven months of investigations and hearings on committees collusive with the Russians, did not show evidence of any person,
it is sad."

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