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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Who will succeed Baghdadi know .. the new caliph


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Who will succeed Baghdadi know .. the new caliph

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 3:06 am

Who will succeed Baghdadi know .. the new caliph

June 19 .2017 - 9:22 | Number of Views: 557

Sommer News: claims that the Russian Defense Ministry, the leader of al-Baghdadi Daesh Abu Bakr was killed as a result of air raids carried out by the Russian aircraft near the tenderness in the 28 of last May.

The strikes targeted a meeting of senior leaders of the organization where it is said that al-Baghdadi was present, where the meeting was held to develop a plan for safe ways to get out of gunmen from tenderness through the so-called southern corridor.

Of the 30 field commanders, and up to 300 militants who were killed in the raid, Abu Hajji Amir tenderness Egyptian Amir Ibrahim Naev Haj, who had controlled the area from the city of Raqqa to the Sokhna area, the head of the security organization Suleiman tourists.

The US State Department and the Pentagon did not confirm the killing of any of Jumaili or Baghdadi.

Deliberately mainstream media to wait and not to adopt the Russian novel.

While some reports indicate that al-Baghdadi is still alive and that he was hiding in the desert between tenderness and Mosul with only two of his bodyguards in a small pickup truck transport.

Successors of the caliph

Although Baghdadi did not appoint a successor, but two of his closest aides at noon as potential successors to him over the years, namely Iyad al-Obeidi and Minister of Defense organization, Iyad al-Jumaili, in charge of security, and the latter have already been killed in an air strike in the month of April, in the Qaim area on the Iraqi border with Syria.

Thus, the al-Obeidi, who is the most likely successor to Baghdadi. It has already been the work of both Jumaili and the security of the al-Obeidi as officers of the Iraqi army under the leadership of the late President Saddam Hussein, it is known that al-Obeidi is the actual MP Baghdadi.

With the exception of al-Baghdadi, and some of his Islamist militants, the rest of the senior leadership in the organization is composed of military and intelligence officials from Saddam Hussein's era.

According to the news agency Associated Press, hundreds of former Baathists are the senior leadership structure of the middle class in the organization, which is planning for all operations and directing the military strategy.

The success of Daesh in achieving gains on the ground factors, is that the senior cadres composed of military technicians and intelligence officers from the Saddam era.

Given the stunning gains for Daesh in Syria and Iraq in 2014, it shows that the elements of the organization have mastered the art of weapon state which is indispensable not only in the guerrilla war of hit-and-run, but also to seize and control over vast tracts of land.

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