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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Guardian asks: Do you defeat Daesh the beginning of the war between the United States and Iran?


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The Guardian asks: Do you defeat Daesh the beginning of the war between the United States and Iran?

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 3:20 am

The Guardian asks: Do you defeat Daesh the beginning of the war between the United States and Iran?

Monday, June 19, 2017 11:04

Alsumaria News / Baghdad to
coincide with the success of the military operations against the organization "Daesh" series in Syria and Iraq , have seen relations between Washington and Tehran , which involved both in the war on terror, a new cycle of escalation.

In these circumstances , many questions in the "Guardian" British about whether "defeat the terrorists" and edit the cities of Raqqa and Mosul, the largest strongholds in Syria and Iraq, will let room for armed confrontation between Washington and Tehran appeared.
Iran and Saudi Arabia .. A war of words and intelligently converts differences to profit
Statement "Daesh": America is sinking and Trump idiot

It should be noted that the US - Iranian relations already tense witnessed a significant escalation since the Donald Trump presidency of the White House, and this threatens to blow up the nuclear deal , which was concluded after marathon negotiations between Tehran and what is called " the major six - party" in the era of former United States President Barack Obama.

The paper says: " It is no coincidence that the first foreign visit by Trump after taking office was to Riyadh, noting that Saudi Arabia is the biggest opponents of Iran 's regional."

He adds: " In addition to the imposition of new sanctions, American statements strongly worded directed against Tehran, US forces carried out three times during the last month raided the Tehran - backed factions allied with the Damascus government in southwest Syria Tanf area at the border with Iraq and Jordan."

The sequence .. ", it took place in the Strait of Hormuz last Wednesday incident serious friction between the US and Iranian navy, as it approached an Iranian warship to 800 meters from the three US ships distance and directed floodlights towards one of them, laser beams directly and brought to a US helicopter was flying over them. it is

noteworthy that this escalation came at a time when each of the parties is trying to strengthen its influence in the Middle East against the backdrop of the launch of the crucial stages of the processes of editing tenderness and Mosul.

Commenting on these developments, said Trita Farsi, head of the Iranian National Council of the US, the author of " the enemy lost: Obama and Iran WVU Diplomacy, "he said , " by his visit to Saudi Arabia and the declaration of his intention to isolate Iran Trump not only closes the comprehensive dialogue window, but other open potential for war. "

The researcher pointed out that this was not caused by personal desire Trump, but it was an escalation of systematic, as it was not raised statements and decisions of the new president of any mention in the American political circles controversy.

For his part, Ilan Goldenberg, a former official in the US Department of Defense warned that the existence of a common enemy in Washington and Tehran is what spare the region of a new armed confrontation, and said: "after the disappearance of " Daesh "from the map, tolerance may end between Tehran - backed Shiite factions and bridles Lighters that US - backed, now and note that the situation is worsening very

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