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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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What about Israel's Herzliya conference revealed


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What about Israel's Herzliya conference revealed

Post by rocky on Sun 25 Jun 2017, 10:34 am

What about Israel's Herzliya conference revealed

Arab and international Sunday June 25, 2017

Publication of the British site "Middle East" any report, in which shed light on some of the main topics that were discussed during the Israeli Herzliya Conference policies and strategy for this year.

It is worth mentioning that the focus of this conference was under the title of "Israel 's strategic balance: opportunities and risks."

The Web site said, in his report, seen by "Sky Press," Israel is seeking to improve its relations with Sunni Arab states. In this context, he cited the Minister of Public Security in Israel, Gilad Erdan, that "there is a historic opportunity to establish a new coalition between Israel and other Western countries , Arab countries and Sunni , based on common interests." Moreover, Israel 's former defense minister, Moshe Ya'alon claimed that the phrase " the Arab - Israeli conflict does not reflect the actual reality; because Israel is no longer in conflict with the Sunni Arab camp."

According to the site, secondly, that a number of senior Israeli ministers, led by Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, initiated at the invitation of Saudi King to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. In this context, the request of the Minister of Transport and Israeli intelligence, Yisrael Katz, from King Salman bin Abdul Aziz invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Riyadh, for sending Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Tel Aviv.

The website, thirdly, the point of view of many of the conference participants, who stressed that the greatest danger to Israel is the potential threat posed by Hezbollah on its northern border. In this regard, said Amos Gilad, head of the Israeli Institute for Policy and Strategy and responsible former security high - level, that "at a time when the declining influence of state regulation, taking a new alliance in his stead gradually highlights within the range of our sight, which is to wrap both Hezbollah and Assad and Iran at each other.

this is the alliance much stronger entity, as a strategic threat to Israel. " Gilad warned of the risk of war on Israel 's northern border , led by Hezbollah, while the Kremlin will financially support them .

The site, Fourth, that the price of Gilad Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi 's efforts to suppress the Muslim Brotherhood. In this context, Gilad said that Sisi succeeded in the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, while deliberately targeting loyalists of the Brotherhood, which considers political arch - enemy. Abizaid and Gilad that emerged in the event of a coalition combines the Brotherhood in Egypt and the Turkish government, at the time, Israel was to be in a catastrophic situation and completely different.

In the meantime, a number of speakers stressed the need to address Palestinian issues; in order to normalize the Sunni Arab - Israeli alliance. In this context, Tony Blair has made clear that "no secret from one that has been creating forms of cooperation with respect to security measures already the two sides, but the key to create a real relationship between the Israeli side and the Arab states is to seriously address the Palestinian cause."

Among the site, Sixth, that Israel 's interest to maintain the situation as it is with regard to the Palestinian cause, which are currently calm rather than resort to a permanent settlement. In this regard, Yaalon expressed the hope that the advent of Gard Kouchner to the Middle East, based on the instructions and the father of his wife , Donald Trump, would play a role in convincing the US government that there is no opportunity to reach a lasting settlement in the near future.

He explained the site, Seventh, the Israeli Finance Minister, Moshe Ekhalon, is working hard to strengthen economic relations between Israel and the West Bank. In the meantime, Ekhalon Turning to the electricity crisis in Gaza, noting that the Palestinian Authority asked Israel to reduce the amount of electricity that is pumped in favor of the territory controlled by Hamas.

In the same context, Israeli officials confirmed on Monday that Israel plans to cut directed to the Gaza Strip 's electricity supply.

For his part, he cited the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel "does not want to pursue escalation" in the Gaza policy, saying that "internal conflict".

According to the site, Eighth, the Israeli defense minister , Avigdor Lieberman , accused Abbas, head of the Fatah movement, trying to ignite a new conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Lieberman has been reported, during a press conference that "Abu Mazen did not give up even one - time", in reference to the electricity crisis.

Moreover, Lieberman said that " the Palestinian Authority aspires indeed to continue to reduce the supply of electricity for a few months, and thus will stop other areas of work, which will lead to the cessation of payment of fuel, medicines and salaries and many other things the price. I think that the Palestinian authorities to adopt this strategy in order to inflict serious damage to Hamas, and also to push it to enter into a conflict with Israel. "

The approved site, IX, Gilad warned that Khalifa Abbas , who may represent a real threat to the security of Israel.

In contrast, many of the participants at the conference praised the military and strategic cooperation between the Israel and the Palestinian Authority in coordination, which enabled Israel to maintain its military influence with all effective in the West Bank, according to many experts.

Abizaid site, Tenth, that Ya'alon criticized the previous US administration strongly, where he was unable to play their role effectively to be considered an "international police" in the Middle East, pointing out that the United States wants to cut completely with all linked in the region. In the meantime, it took advantage of three extremist forces this vacuum, namely Iran and the organization of the state and the Muslim Brotherhood , led by Erdogan.

In conclusion, the site reported that Israel has criticized the Obama administration on the background to negotiate with she goes ahead of Iran, while they welcomed the arrival of Trump, where many believe that it will serve the interests of Israel in the region considerably. According to Ya'alon, a number of positive indicators show that Trump 's management adopts a different policy from its predecessor.

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