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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The reputation of banks


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The reputation of banks

Post by rocky on Thu 05 Sep 2013, 4:36 am

The reputation of banks

05/09/2013 12:00 AM

Yasser incumbent
Wherever provide economic activity Aostosmara it requirements of the emergence of an important banking sector with a good reputation and solvency of the financial respond to that activity Aohma investment, in which case shows the importance of banks to meet the requirements of international companies at the forefront of their requests to provide banks efficient able to facilitate their work, both in transactions that have the cash Oldman investment companies and funds secured.
How can we create such banks in a time when Iraq needs to many investments to build it?
Let us consider the status of Iraqi banks about these requirements and what are the means to respond to the requirements of construction and reconstruction phase? The strangest thing about it that the banking sector be punished as soon as an error occurs in a bank or banks and whatever this error deliberate Obgar inadvertently Valmaaljh comes a stream of accusations to the banks, all of which promise Palmhbohh The strangest thing is that these assessments come from people who are outside the jurisdiction, Fessae the reputation of the entire sector to be told that Flana values this bank Aohma the bank.
Perhaps one of the strange coincidences that a lot of the owners of jurisdiction and the decision to go behind these estimates without regard for the reputation of the country and its economy and its requirements that are held hostage to the availability of banks with good reputation, yes there are mistakes, how can not be mistakes in the midst of so much work and block cash not be considered and countless and gaps in laws and the hearts of weak but . . With each case with mistakes leave us diagnose, and resolve when the stakeholders, which includes the competencies remarkable in all international forums and institutions, fiscal and monetary not be played some of the votes that are looking for a story to talk to them without realizing their consequences for the future of the country and economic relations. Said the Iraqi banking sector has of the possibility that it is able to provide the requirements of international companies on condition of exposure to his reputation for being unwarranted and support legislation designated by the performance of the role required at a time when we are in dire need to be for the use of corporate world to catch up civilized world and rebuild Iraq building to fit his stature and capabilities, wealth and reputation.
We find that the responsibility to maintain the reputation of the banking sector rests with the Central Bank of Iraq as a Supervising Authority and the sponsoring banks and formulating monetary policy clear to achieve the goals, and if there was an error may DID this bank or that the central is responsible for corrected or accounting defaulting without compromising the reputation of other banks . then that the central and far as I know has committees to assess the performance of banks, a recommender her if requested by the assessment and thus should be heading efforts to bridge the gap and restore bridges of trust again between the banking sector and audience, and between government agencies from the second and it requires concerted efforts of everyone for this purpose. We find Zrora that coordination takes place with the Association of private banks in Iraq to archive the periodic evaluation of all banks and joint action in order to deepen the culture of banking and how to deal with them to restore confidence in the banking sector and building his reputation on the basis of real evaluation and not to obey behind the ratings other is his father's reputation of his country and its economy, so we say that the role of banks appear with any economic activity and a red line Vsamatha investment for those who realize its importance in building the new Iraq.

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