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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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"Newsweek": Hezbollah has a secret weapon and threatening to enter Israel


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"Newsweek": Hezbollah has a secret weapon and threatening to enter Israel

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Jul 2017, 4:29 am

"Newsweek": Hezbollah has a secret weapon and threatening to enter Israel

Editor Duraid Salman - Wednesday July 5, 2017 9:51

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
"Newsweek" magazine , the US published a report on the American writer Somolo Anderson titled "War Middle East next," Party of God "may risk everything in a relentless war with Israel ," which dealt with the outbreak of confrontation between "Hezbollah" and Israel scenarios, as he pointed out that the party has a "secret weapon" to be used generally Israelis.

In its report, Anderson that "Hezbollah" who is taking part in the fighting alongside the Syrian army since 2012 , has become the strongest confirmed the boldest despite losing a number of fighters, noting that increased experience and became possessed an impressive arsenal of weapons thanks to Iran and Syrian President Bashar al - Assad and Russia.
Israeli officer: We have destroyed more than 100 missiles to Hezbollah in Syria
Successive explosions sites of Hezbollah in Syria

While it is preventing the "Hezbollah" leadership and elements from making Ptsrhat media, quoted by Anderson what she said that a fighter in the "Hezbollah" stationed in the south of Damascus as saying, "We will liberate Syria soon and we return to our homeland, God willing, but waiting for it, we will stay here and fight to the last gasp. "

Anderson ruled that "Hezbollah" This is a long time force time, I talked about the possibility of renewed tensions on the southern front and the transfer of party fighters from Syria to southern Lebanon in anticipation of the outbreak of a new confrontation.

Based on these data, Anderson feared Fatah "Hezbollah" three fronts, be the first in southern Lebanon and the second in Iraq, and the third in Syria, and thus risk losing the gains achieved by supporting Assad.

In the same context, Anderson quoted a leading role in the "Party of God" in the southern suburb of questioning, "from the increased strength after our entry into Syria? And what was the " Party of God "in the past? We were defenders, but today Vtalmna attack."

He also quoted a second leading lower rank than the first assertion that "Hezbollah" has become possessed weapons did not dream about , when he said, "When the uncle of Syria peace, we were unable to publicly access to weapons of this kind, especially at low prices."

In parallel, Anderson that "Hezbollah" large weapons depots, noting that compares an army average size in terms of many, as much as the number of fighters active at 20 thousand while the number of elements of the reserve amounted to 25 thousand in 2016, and he developed Khanadgah, which reportedly explained some of them linking Lebanon to Israel.

To return to the first leader, has confirmed that the next war with Israel will change the entire Middle East, and concluded by saying, "Everyone will participate in the fighting, and will carry women and children knives ... we Nkhbi rocket (Barakan- 1) as a weapon secret to use it in the face of the Israelis, but we we had to use it in Syria now, the Israelis know that we have this kind. "

He added, "We can launch four thousand rockets and one hour, and we can enter Israeli territory on board the ATV and aircraft armed Aldarjat, no Israelis have an idea of the way we can through the targeting of their gas structure, we have anti-aircraft missiles, will explode Israeli aircraft immediately after takeoff from the airport ".

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