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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Israel reveals the "architect of relations" between Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia!


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Israel reveals the "architect of relations" between Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia!

Post by rocky on Sat 08 Jul 2017, 5:55 am

Israel reveals the "architect of relations" between Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia!

Arab and international Saturday July 8, 2017

Israeli inquiry revealed that the shift in terms of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia has occurred at the beginning of the eighties Almadi, century, noting that this transformation embodied first in the feet of Riyadh to provide formulas to resolve the Palestinian conflict Alasraiala, in exchange for Arab recognition of Israel.

He claimed the investigation prepared by the intelligence affairs commentator Yossi Milman, that the former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar is the architect of relations with Tel Aviv.

According to an investigation published Saturday "Maariv" newspaper site, the Prince Bandar was the "driving force" within the royal family towards the strengthening of relations with Israel "for his belief in the need to benefit from them in the face of Iran."

Melman said that Bandar met with former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2007, pointing out that the former head of the Mossad, "Meir Dagan" met with Saudi officials.

He stressed that the most important issues discussed with Alsaudian, Dagan was the claim Riyadh to allow Israeli planes to fly in an atmosphere Alsaudih, on its way to bomb nuclear facilities Alaaranih, if the Israeli leadership has taken a decision in this regard.

He stressed that when Melman Netanyahu speaks and his ministers about the relationship between Israel and the Arab world, the Sunni "Everyone knows of the mean", hinting that Saudi Arabia is intended.

He pointed out that Israeli officials avoid reference to Gulf Arab states that establish secret ties with Tel Obeb, for fear of embarrassing their governments against domestic public opinion.

He claimed that the Saudi oil exports indirectly Asraial, pointing out that this oil is exported through intermediaries from the Palestinian Authority, Kurdistan, Jordan and Cyprus regions of traders.

He pointed out that Israel under the leadership of former Prime Minister Menachem Bagn, put an end to the Saudi role by rejecting the formulas presented by Riyadh at the time.

He noted that the need to confront Iran made Riyadh diminished interest in the case Filstinih, so that no longer set a condition for rapprochement with Tel Obeb, pointing out that Israel continued to ignore aspects of flexibility that is characterized by the Saudi position.

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