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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Learn to detail Israel's "secret" allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE


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Learn to detail Israel's "secret" allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Post by rocky on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 2:55 am

Learn to detail Israel's "secret" allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Arab and international Sunday July 16, 2017

"New York Times" newspaper published an article by the American Neri Silber journalist based in Tel Aviv, Assistant to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Fellow. Which revealed Israel's Arab allies who can not talk about their relationship with Israel in public.

According to Silber, the United States and Israeli officials seem to be convinced that regional peace between Israel and the Arab world and the agreement may be in trouble.

The writer pointed out to what US President Donald Trump during his recent trip to the Middle East that "a new level of partnership is possible and will happen, which will bring more security to this region, and increases the security of the United States and increases the prosperity of the world."

The author argues that Israel itself is involved in the Arab wars and says appearances explained the so-called "new Middle East" can be found in Syria, referring to what Trump said the same strategic term for Israel when he told the Russians information obtained by the Israeli intelligence operations secret against al "Daesh".

He adds that according to subsequent reports, the Israeli military intelligence raided the private computer networks Bmaadi bombs in the organization of "Daesh" in Syria, and a few weeks later, the newspaper "Haaretz" reported that Israel is stepping up security and intelligence cooperation with Jordan in southern Syria to avoid gains Iran in the region.

Silber confirms that the Jordanian-Israeli cooperation is not new, where Israel has shipped attack helicopters Cobra to Jordan in 2015.

The Israeli government has a policy dating back to 1970 in order to support the stability of Jordan, and adds that, however, there is the process of a major US-led coalition launched from Jordan to support groups of the Syrian opposition. The open question is whether Israel is now involved or not.

The matter which is no longer in question as it is the role that Silber Israel plays in the border region with Syria, Israel has been working since last year, at the very least to create a "friendly buffer zone" on the other side of the Golan Heights. Where an Israeli military unit specialized role of coordinator to provide civilian aid and basic foodstuffs, the injured Syrians, including rebel fighters Israeli hospitals. "According to the writer.

It indicates Silber in this context to what was published by the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" in June for "exhibitions claiming to be receiving money from Israel, they use to pay salaries and the purchase of weapons and ammunition leaders." The aim of the policy of "good neighborliness" This, as it is known in Israel, to convince the Syrians to reject the local population of Iran and Hezbollah.

In his article, the author refers to as "Israel's aid to Egypt in its campaign to fight terrorism in the Sinai." The writer says that here also understand Israeli officials should not talk publicly about cooperation, and often impose censorship on the local media, as in similar cases. High-level Military Coordination and sharing of intelligence are two secrets.

In the context, the author refers to the news agency quoted "Bloomberg" US senior Israeli official that an Israeli drone aircraft has over the past few years to attack terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula, with the consent of Egypt.

Although Silber is that the Arab-Israeli conflict is an obstacle to the normalization of relations with Israel, but he believes that there is a "close security relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority with the support of the United States, and the development of this coordination to become a pillar of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Perhaps the most successful aspects of the entire peace process ".

He adds that a Palestinian security official told him that "Israeli and Palestinian officials discuss daily common threats to the security situation stable on both sides." He goes, "Hamas comes on top of the list, which constitutes a clear threat to Israel, and also constitute a major internal threat to the Palestinian Authority. In fact, the Israeli intelligence foiled an assassination plot prepared by Hamas in 2014 against President Mahmoud Abbas."

The article adds that Israel has diplomatic relations with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority peace agreements, so the military relations with them may not be a complete surprise. However, the close relations with the Arab Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, less famous.

He says he "is often referred to these links indirectly by the ministers of the Israeli government as" common interests "in the areas of security and intelligence against the common Iranian threat. But in recent years, reports of secret meetings between the heads of Israeli intelligence and their counterparts Gulf appeared. It was alleged that Meir Dagan, the former head of the Mossad, traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2010 to hold secret talks on the Iranian nuclear program. " He adds, "public meetings with Saudi officials, pensioners are now common, both in Washington and Munich or even Jerusalem. The trade relations also grow, including the sale of Israeli agriculture and Internet technology, intelligence and internal security to the Gulf (usually through third parties) ".

Silber and Oicol that "in general, can no longer be considered to Israeli activities in Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, Egypt and the Gulf in isolation from each other. In fact, Israel is now engaged in the military campaigns of the Arab world against Iran and its proxies, as well as against the organization" Daesh. "Remains to see whether this is a temporary marriage against opponents subscribers or simply that the start of an ongoing strategic re-organization.

Silber concludes, saying, "Regardless, it is likely that relations continue for some time. Where the wars of the region showing any sign of abating in the near future. At the very least, Israel is no longer considered the main problem afflicting the Middle East region. For this reason, he urged Trump Arab states to "recognize the vital role of the State of Israel" in the affairs of the region. in the absence of large movement on the Palestinian front, this new Israeli role is not likely to bring a full normalization of relations or end the conflict in the region. but it may help to win the current war, and with it, the manifestation of peace in the Middle mid".

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