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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Lavrov: Syria truce agreement takes into account the interests of Israel


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Lavrov: Syria truce agreement takes into account the interests of Israel

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Jul 2017, 2:28 am

Lavrov: Syria truce agreement takes into account the interests of Israel

 Moscow Damascus Brussels / Reuters

RIA news agency quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday (Monday), as saying that Russia and America Stmutiran to put Israel's interests into account when establishing zones not to escalate in Syria. Lavrov was responding to the statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told reporters in Paris late yesterday evening, that these arrangements devote the Iranian presence in Syria that Israel completely opposes it.

The objection is surprising , Netanyahu publicly on the Israeli prime minister , who was seeking to avoid confrontation with either Moscow or Washington regarding Syria.
On the other hand, the agency quoted Lavrov as saying also that US efforts to impose preconditions on the re - Russian diplomatic property confiscated in New York and Maryland are just «theft in broad daylight».
The US president at that time , Barack Obama has ordered the confiscation of two compounds and the expulsion of two Russian diplomats 35 diplomatic Russia in December (December) because of what he said was meddling in the US presidential election campaign in 2016 , a charge Russia completely.
Moscow said that much depends on the results of the meeting in Washington later in the day between the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon Department to discuss the ongoing diplomatic dispute.
He quoted Lavrov , who is on a visit to Belarus as saying too, that «anti-Russian sentiments» in the United States means that it is not certain that Moscow and Washington agree on the head of global issues.
Furthermore, officials and « the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said», the Syrian opposition fighters , backed by Turkey clashed with militants in response to «Syrian forces of democracy» backed by the United States in northwest Syria today, amid escalating violence between the two sides.
The two sources said that the clashes between the opposition and the «Syrian forces of democracy» dominated by «units to protect the people» Kurdish, fighters took place around the village of Ein Dguenh base Meng air near the north of Aleppo , while Turkish troops intensified their bombardment of sites in other areas.
A spokesman for «units to protect the people» Rugeat Rogge, said that «there are major clashes taking place on the axis of the eye Dguenh between us and the Turks and their mercenaries».
Mustafa said the Bali from the Media Center for «Syria democratic forces», said that some opposition fighters backed by Turkey were killed or families.
According to «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights», the clashes and bombing attempt by the Turkish side to advance. The Syrian opposition fighters announced this month that they will join the Turkish army in a new attack on Kurdish militants northwest Syria.
On the other side of the imposition of the European Union yesterday (Monday), sanctions on 16 scientists and a military official Syria on suspicion of involvement in a chemical attack in northern Syria that killed dozens of civilians in April (last April).
The sanctions target agreed by EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels of eight scientists and eight senior Syrian military officials. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, said that « the sanctions show the design of Europe to respond to those responsible for the attacks with chemical weapons».
He noted the governments of the Union Council in a statement, that this brings to 255 the number of people listed on the list of EU sanctions related to the conflict in Syria. The current sanctions include 67 companies with links to al - Assad 's government.
The United States imposed sanctions in the same month in which the attack occurred in the town of Khan Sheikhun Idlib province, and included sanctions hundreds of employees and scientists in Syria , a government body believed to be the development of chemical weapons.
The European Union previously said that will not contribute to the reconstruction of Syria to begin a peace process that includes a transition phase does not include Assad 's government, but the Union 's position changed after the new French president Emmanuel shifty pursued different from the former French government 's position by saying that «sees no successor legitimate lion, no longer considered his departure a precondition for ending the war ».
Syria joined the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the 2013 Treaty, under Russian agreement - to avoid a US military intervention during the era of former US President Barack Obama.

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