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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Bin Salman seeks to tighten his rule by besieging Shiites


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Bin Salman seeks to tighten his rule by besieging Shiites

Post by rocky on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 2:36 am

Bin Salman seeks to tighten his rule by besieging Shiites


The British newspaper "Middle East" published a report on the events of Awamiya, which broke into the Saudi army against what he called "insurgents" in the Shiite town, pointing to the growing fears of the escalation of the Saudi attack on the town of Awamiyah, where the shocking images revealed by local activists and satellite images The extent of the destruction in the Shiite town, in a siege lasted several months and resulted in the deaths of at least 12 people.
Satellite images reveal the transformation of whole neighborhoods in the city, especially the historic neighborhood of Al-Mousaera, into ruins, where Saudi soldiers bombard everything alive before them.
According to an activist in Qatif province, workers in the Ramis farms, northeast of Awamiya, received sound messages last week demanding that their animals be removed from the area.
Amin Nimr, a former resident of the city, told the Middle East that he feared the Saudi government would expand its assault on the predominantly Shi'ite region, saying: "They do not want to keep anything vital in Awamiya."He said.
Media blackout
The Awamiya has long been a starting point for protests by the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, including the prominent cleric "Tiger Tiger," executed by the Saudi government in 2016.
The precise details of the situation in Qatif have been difficult for a long time due to the severe restrictions on media scrutiny imposed by the Saudi authorities.
Reuters reported earlier this year that foreign media could only visit the region if accompanied by government officials, claiming it was for safety reasons.
The information comes largely from the press releases of the Saudi government, local activists or news websites that focus on Shiites.
Local activists accuse the security forces of forcing the residents of Awamiya to leave the town by randomly firing at houses and cars as they confront armed soldiers in the area..
Many homes and shops were burnt or damaged by the Saudi bombing, electricity was cut off in most parts of the city, private generators were damaged, water was cut, fire and waste collection services were destroyed, they said..
The lack of services has led to the collection of garbage by community volunteer groups.
Hundreds of people have been evacuated or forcibly evicted from homes around the area, including areas outside Awamiya in Qatif Governorate.
"The issue is what after the demolition of the subsidy, I do not think things will settle in the region." "I can not predict the future, but it seems to be worse than before"He said.
Distracting is useful
Andrew Hammond, Middle East policy adviser, said emptying Awamiya could be part of a strategy to bring about demographic change in the restive Shi'ite region of the kingdom..
He said the fighting was a "useful distraction" from the political unrest in the Saudi palace after Mohammed bin Salman replaced his cousin and former crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef"He said.
"It was more complicated than they had hoped for, I think they faced some resistance, and there is anger over how to deal with Ben Nayef and prevent him from leaving the country," he said."He said.

"So I think that with this political tension in the country at the moment, the battle with the Shiites at this time is useful to turn the matter away from this tension"He said.

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