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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Independent reveals the declared secret of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel


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Independent reveals the declared secret of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel

Post by rocky on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 4:22 am

Independent reveals the declared secret of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel

2017/08/11 12:07
(Encyclopedia of this Day News | Iraq News ) - The newspaper " The Independent" British published an article by its editor for the Middle East, British writer known as Robert Fisk, addressed through the Gulf crisis , foreign repercussions, also addressed the issue of the closure of the Qatari "Al - Jazeera."
"When Saudi Arabia and Israel ask for the closure of the Qatari satellite channel Al Jazeera, it must do something right," Fisk said.


When you get sick of the wealthy Saudis, they were known to fly to Tel Aviv on their own planes for treatment in Israel's finest hospitals."

When Saudi and Israeli fighter jets take off, you can be sure they will bomb Yemen Or Syria. "

"When King Salman - or rather Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman - points his finger at Iran as the biggest threat to Gulf security, you can be sure that Netanyahu will do exactly the same thing, but replace Gulf Security by course The case of "Israeli security."

But it is a strange act when the Saudis raise the pace of media repression with support from the "Beacon of Liberty, Democracy and Human Rights" of Israel, Netanyahu and his government.

Says Fisk sarcastically , "So let 's show briefly another manifestation of Israel 's tolerance towards freedom of expression , which we all and strengthen it and love it and Nashgaha and consider it the cornerstone of our democracy , etc., etc., etc..

During this week, revealed Ayoub Kara, Israeli Minister of Communications, for Plans to withdraw the permits of the journalists of "Al Jazeera", and the closure of its office in Jerusalem, and stop them from broadcast stations that provide cable services and local satellites.

"Netanyahu has long accused al-Jazeera of inciting violence in Jerusalem, especially in its reports of recent killings in Jerusalem, but every foreign journalist in Israel and abroad dared to criticize the state at one time or another accused of incitement as well as anti-Semitism and other" Lies ".

"I personally found that Al Jazeera's reports from Israel were very pathetic," she says. "When her Qatari announcer, who spoke to the Israeli government spokesperson on air, expressed the condolences of her channel on the death of Ariel Sharon, who is responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre, Signed in 1982, which led to the deaths of 1700 Palestinians. "

"However, Ayoub Kara took the same position as his Arab colleagues and

said that Israel should take steps against" the media that almost all Arab countries accuse of supporting terrorism.

"" If there is an unwritten alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, All options - as the US president and Hillary Clinton said - were on the table.

"" Without trial, extrajudicial executions, human rights violations, corruption and military rule - all these characteristics belong to almost all "Arab" states - and Israel in the territories it occupies.

"As for being a" pro-terrorist "(I quote from the Israeli minister Kara once again), we must first ask why the Gulf Arabs have exported their fighters and money to the most ferocious Islamists in the Middle East

and then ask why Israel did not bomb these malicious creatures themselves, Why did Israel give hospital treatment to wounded fighters from the al-Nasra Front, the al-Qaeda organization?

"We should not forget that the US president and his strange regime are also part of the Saudi-Israeli anti-Shiite confederation."

Trump concluded $ 350 billion in arms sales to the Saudis, and his position on Iran and his hatred of the world's press and television make him a close part of the same alliance.

"But there is still Israeli honest demand a state for the Palestinians.

There are Saudis well educated protested the" dark Wahhabism " , which was founded by Mmkethn, and there are millions of Americans from sea to sea, who do not believe that Iran is their enemy and Saudi Arabia their friend.

But the problem today in Both the East and the West are our governments not our friends,

they are our oppressors or our masters, and they deny the truth and the allies of the oppressed. "

He adds , "Netanyahu wants to close the " island "office in Jerusalem.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to close the " island "office in Qatar.

Bush actually bombed the offices of " Al Jazeera "in Kabul and Baghdad.

Decided Theresa May to hide a government report on the financing of " terrorism " , For fear of disturbing the Saudis - and this is precisely why Blair concealed a British police investigation into the alleged bribery by Saudi Arabia 10 years ago.

Finished / Kh.

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