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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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A special celebration in Dubai on November 26 next coronation of the Islamic National Bank one of th


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A special celebration in Dubai on November 26 next coronation of the Islamic National Bank one of th

Post by rocky on Tue 17 Sep 2013, 6:31 am

A special celebration in Dubai on November 26 next coronation of the Islamic National Bank one of the best Iraqi Islamic banks

Posted 16/09/2013 05:59 PM

BAGHDAD / Levant: Found Iraqi banks in the culmination of the National Bank of the Islamic Excellence Award in the Arab region and the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility and the choice of one of the best leading Islamic banks at the level of Iraq, at a ceremony organized on 26 November next in Dubai an important occasion to congratulate the bank on the voltage qualitative efforts to consolidate its position. And an enhanced presence and presence in the banking arena of Iraq through its branch network in Baghdad and the provinces, as well as network correspondents abroad, making the results of his ongoing and important milestone in the march of the bank with a commitment to consolidating the principles of Islamic law strictly in accordance with the Islamic approach to serve the interests of society and infrastructure development of the Iraqi economy.

He says the managing director of the bank d. Sadiq Rashid Al Shammari - academic and expert financial and banking and a member of the International Union of Arab Bankers - that the positive results that had characterized the march of the bank had a deep significance for the safety and improve the performance of the bank and the quality of its assets and the enjoyment of a high degree of safety banking as well as achieving the benefit of capitalism strong and his administration enjoy a high level of expertise and institutional stability, which is keen to develop plans, policies and programs to support the competitiveness of the bank and get an increasing share of the market for banking services.

And d. Shammari, which has up to 5 books specializing بالصيرفة Islamic governance and risk management believes that Islamic banks and despite the novelty has become cut off a large part of the market share of conventional banks, as well as the successful introduction of channels of new economic and purposeful and energetic and thus enable them to install the pillars of Islamic banking in the region and the world, adding that the success of Islamic banks at the regional level and international level can not be ignored in the light of the sheer volume of assets managed by these banks, amounting to up to $ 550 million and is expected to grow its turnover beginning of the year 2014 to reach up to $ 2 trillion, and pointed out that the number of Islamic banks has increased to 400 Bank distributed in 57 countries and has become a significant activity and success compared to the long history of traditional banks.

The bank received a standing ovation congratulatory message from the Iraqi Central Bank by the way his coronation as one of the best leading Islamic banks on the level of Iraq and give him red-purple mantle decorated with the Golden Order of Merit in the field of outstanding initiatives with a certificate of innocence, wishing the bank continued progress in the service of the Iraqi banking sector.

To this is the bank the necessary measures to increase its capital from 150 billion dinars to 251 billion dinars in response to instructions CBI where it is hoped to invite the bank shareholders to the meeting during the coming days to announce which increase the bank's capital so as to enhance the bank's ability to implement its programs, taking into consideration the application the provisions of Islamic Sharia law in all banking activities.

He says the managing director of the bank d. Sadiq Rashid Al Shammari:

The National Bank of the Islamic proved that the experience of Islamic banks are the most dynamic in the financial sector, banking and can become effective alternative to the conventional banks, he said in a press statement that the march of the National Bank of the Islamic established in 2005 was characterized by a strong performance and overall growth for all tracks of his banking and achieved remarkable success on Upper consolidate its position and strengthened its presence in the Iraqi banking market.

This has shown data bank on the results of his work until the end of the month of June 2013, growing comprehensive in all areas of banking compared Palmthakq for the same period of last year 2012 as increased staffing financial by 74 percent with a high rate of current deposits increased by 108 percent, while the increased credit cash by 120 percent data also indicate that the income for the period stood at 21.606 billion dinars and high growth rate of 47 percent compared to the same period in 2012, which was 14.686 billion dinars.

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