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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The ambiguity surrounding the outcome of negotiations Kurdish delegation in Baghdad and everyone tal


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The ambiguity surrounding the outcome of negotiations Kurdish delegation in Baghdad and everyone tal Empty The ambiguity surrounding the outcome of negotiations Kurdish delegation in Baghdad and everyone tal

Post by rocky on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 1:54 am

The ambiguity surrounding the outcome of negotiations Kurdish delegation in Baghdad and everyone talks about adherence to the Constitution

BAGHDAD - The results of the negotiations of the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad seem ambiguous, especially since the majority of positions found by the members of the Supreme Committee for the referendum of the Kurdistan region in Baghdad, indicate that obtaining a "green light" to accept the politicians of Baghdad in the referendum, The region on Iraq, is impossible under the "darkness" political positions rejecting adopted by most Arab political figures and parties.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said in a report that "the meetings of the Kurdish delegation with the political figures and the embassies of some countries in Baghdad showed that the meetings have taken on a normal protocol nature, and the Kurdish delegation did not get any guarantees or positions in favor of the referendum."
"The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a statement after his meeting with the Kurdish delegation, the day before yesterday, in which he said: The meeting witnessed a frank and in-depth dialogue on the need to activate mechanisms to resolve outstanding problems, but he said at a press conference: Referendum ".
She noted that "the statement of Iraqi President Fuad Masum (a Kurd) did not refer to the issue of the referendum in the statement issued by his office after the meeting with the Kurdish delegation, but: the price of spirit of cooperation and dialogue and the sincere desire to resolve all outstanding issues between the governments of the Territory and the federal government, Principles of the Constitution. It should be noted here that the permanent Iraqi constitution does not allow the separation process of any national or religious group. "
She added that "the head of the Kurdish delegation Rose Nuri Shaways, stressed after the meeting with the delegation President Masoum on the importance and priority of the principle of consultation and constructive cooperation to achieve the aspirations of the common high."
"Observers say that the Kurdish delegation may seek specific concessions from Baghdad in exchange for postponement or cancellation of the planned referendum, especially with the confirmation of Kurdish figures that the delegation carried dozens of controversial files for discussion with Baghdad, where she confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party Ashwaq dry , In media statements: The Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad carried with him 55 files containing violations of the constitutional government towards the region.
"It seems that the Kurdish delegation heard from the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim Jubouri, who met yesterday, the same general terms used by the other personalities and political parties, where a statement by Jubouri, to confirm the Kurdish delegation on the need to restore confidence between the components of the people and activating the participants, That the referendum must be within the constitutional frameworks, while warned of taking (positions critical) reflected negatively on the overlapping areas, and said: The meeting reviewed the most prominent political and security developments in Iraq.
The statement quoted Jubouri as saying: "We respect the intentions of all parties with their approval of the constitution, and in a way that strengthens the national unity, and preserves stability and restoring trust among the components of the Iraqi people. "The referendum option must be within the constitutional framework to ensure the interests of Iraq, taking into account the circumstances in which the country," calling for "the importance of continuing dialogues to overcome the political and security differences between all parties, in order to achieve Interests that preserve the unity of Iraq. "
She pointed out that "Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, known for his anti-Kurdish positions, also received the delegation of the region, and hear them the same general phrases used by everyone and called them to solve problems based on the Constitution."
"The meeting discussed the latest developments in the political and security situation in the country and exchanged views on the relations between Baghdad and Erbil," the statement said, stressing that the need to follow the legal and constitutional ways to resolve disputes and problems related to the referendum or any other issue "He said.
"The Kurdish delegation to Baghdad met with the presidents of the republic and the ministers and parliament, in addition to meeting with the US and Iranian ambassadors in Baghdad, and met with Vice President Nuri al-Maliki and the head of the stream of wisdom Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the popular crowd Hadi al-Amri, Bin Fahm al-Salami, who is visiting Baghdad these days. "(1)

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