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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Maliki's trial is an inevitable necessity that must happen one day


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Maliki's trial is an inevitable necessity that must happen one day Empty Maliki's trial is an inevitable necessity that must happen one day

Post by rocky on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 4:06 am

Maliki's trial is an inevitable necessity that must happen one day

According to some sites and social networking pages, we looked at an indictment against Nuri al-Maliki by the judge and former head of the Integrity Commission Abdul Rahim al-Ukaili. The list included a large number of charges, most of which were not all will have legal support within the articles and paragraphs and clauses of the law Iraq's penal sanctions in force and the validity of the content so far.
Despite the fact that the accusations of these regulations appear to be mostly political in nature, which makes them a bit shaky and fragmented in a forest of long and wide charges, they inevitably need to review and refinement and refinement and brevity and intensification in order to reduce the political nature of the sharp not to confuse the judiciary and This is due to the nature and location of the functional responsibility, especially the sovereign function, which has special clauses and paragraphs in this regard, which are included in the book of the current penal code of the Iraqi Penal Code , Which could be the basis and ground legally appropriate to try al-Maliki and convicted and punished as a judge.
Therefore, the more concise, reduced and intensifying the indictment is more specific and focused, the more convictions are clear, the more mature and easier, and you seek to reach a decisive and decisive conviction is not affected by the slightest legal doubt, especially focus on the most Maliki's political, security and economic crimes of
Such as: the violation of the constitutional oath to protect the interests of Iraq and territorial integrity and sovereignty and violation of this section deliberately in order to consolidate its individual authority.
Exploitation of power and governance to bring his relatives closer to the sources of power and public money for the purpose of rapid enrichment.
Neglect of duty and failure to take responsibility in the administration of state and government ...
Robbing and looting hundreds of billions of dollars of public money by colluding corruption and its knights of corrupt and influential politicians and party leaders. And bargaining with them by turning a blind eye to their corruption and looting of the world's money, with the aim of clinging to the throne of power for a longer period and more.
The betrayal of the responsibility of the job through the concealment of serious security information in terms of the occurrence of terrorist operations endangering the safety and security of citizens at risk through the collusion with representatives of terrorist forces and bargaining with them (such as Deputy Daashi Abdullah Nasser al-Jubouri and Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi before taking office Take the remarks of al-Maliki himself in this regard, which will be reconciled as irrefutable evidence of doubt, and if Tarek al-Hashemi is innocent of the charge of terrorism, al-Maliki may have been acquitted of a false charge punishable by the Iraqi Penal Code), as well as collusion in the smuggling and smuggling operations Many times, and in a very suspicious manner, especially the "Hollywood" escape of my leaders calling from Abu Ghraib prison !! ..
To provoke sectarian strife through statements of a sectarian nature provoked by historical incidents that are mainly absent for such sectarian strife in order to intimidate the feelings of sectarian citizens, while the prime minister is supposed to be representative of all the news and components of the Iraqi people.
Failure or neglect of serious career also led to the fall of entire provinces in the hands of bandit gangs without a fluke.
Causing the fall of thousands of victims in the massacre of Baker and Badush and others because of the corruption of the military leadership and security of the army at the time, by virtue of Maliki's concession with them partisan and favoritism or other ..
Through my knowledge of the book of the law of penal sanctions, Iraq has found many paragraphs and items Some of which are perfectly valid, although they are a solid foundation for their adoption as unequivocal and decisive evidence against Nuri al-Maliki.
So the trial and conviction of Nuri al-Maliki is only a matter of intention and time.

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