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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Internal marketing in government banks


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Internal marketing in government banks

Post by rocky on Mon 28 Aug 2017, 3:47 am

Internal marketing in government banks

Author: Mohamed Sherif Abu Maysam

28/8/2017 12:00 AM

The concept of internal marketing in establishments is related to the quality of service provided to the public, since the employees are the primary objective of quality as internal customers. It is important to achieve the highest degree of job satisfaction to them by fulfilling their needs and desires. To reach the quality of the internal service through which access is achieved to achieve external marketing of the service or product produced.
According to academic standards, satisfaction with quality can not be achieved unless the employees, starting with each and every one of their specialties and expertise, take the appropriate place in the work to give them the opportunity to provide their creative potentials and benefits, Economically by managing staff experiences.
The majority of employees in the government banking sector agree with us that there is no talent for managing the experience of employees except in a narrow framework in some of these banks. The signs of this phenomenon are advanced by the function of the functional benefits related to promotions and privileges. Many of these employees suffer from unequal opportunities, And this can not be ignored due to the background of the nature of the imbalances in the structural configurations of these establishments as part of a total scene dominated by loyalties and loyalties, which depends on the nature of the performance and quality of services provided by these enterprises to To an audience.
As the study of the phenomenon of repeated attempts to encroach on public money and corruption issues in many branches of government banks in addition to the sustainability of the deterioration of the service and low quality, despite the launch of the program of restructuring of banking since 2005, will give the researcher a clear perception of the mystery of the deterioration in the quality of services that Provided by these banks during the past period.
The focus of training and development, which is one of the main axes of restructuring, has remained below the level of ambition and without benefit and without presenting a study or report on the nature of what the trainee receives, while the focus of the introduction of technology is subject to the dictates of the relevant parties and apart from the ideas and discussion in these facilities because of the knowledge gap The great between experiences based on the culture (your book and your book) and the energies of youth, which made these banks in place despite the restructuring of their financial positions due to government support. Therefore, reviewing the reality of these government facilities is urgent to lift them out of the situation that will push some to preach privatization, as it is not reasonable to shine the manifestations of external marketing while neglecting the elements of internal marketing on which the work of these facilities.

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