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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Capital hoarder

Post by rocky on Wed 30 Aug 2017, 9:06 am

Capital hoarder

8/30/2017 0:00

Haider Kadhim al-Baghdadi

Knowledge of the monetary mass in the size of the country and the methods employed to achieve sustainable development is extremely important, and employs great efforts to carry out this matter under the supervision of the experiences of a high degree of expertise And efficiency.

When you stand on the monetary bloc in Iraq , the size of which exceed 47 trillion dinars , we find a very large number and can be done through the local capital cycle contributes to the creation of agricultural development industrial revolution business in light provide the ingredients for success.

It 's a whole needs to be a real pause by money experts to find ways that can move cash mass compactum at home to the public and the private banking system, and here must stand seriously when the determinants of the presence of cash in the banking sector and work to address the challenges , especially if we know that the citizen looking for a safe haven for their money.

And here we have to be serious in this matter is important and that we create incentives that would come with money to the banking sector. The need to impose that we work to achieve real integration between the central and private banks , without exception , and to find ways in guaranteeing the existence of cash in banks and that there is a smooth high in the deposit and withdraw money, as well as guarantor of the law of deposits, which in turn will sow the seeds of trust between the parties to the process, the citizen and the device banking.

At the same time it must be the development of all banks operating mechanisms a way that leads to the creation of a sophisticated banking sector encourages owners of capital to choose the best from the bank between them.

The reality of work in Iraq , in dire need of liquidity to finance the various projects, and overcome the crisis of confidence among depositors and banks due to the decline in the performance of some as banks own lack of accreditation sophisticated systems in the management of funds of depositors.

That the country is on the threshold of a new phase of work it requires creating an environment that contributes to the transfer of money from the homes to banks, and we know that the beneficiary looking for safety, and there must be a mechanism employs money compacta directions guaranteed check the interest of all these parties and thus can support the reality of liquidity and maintains capital course in Iraq.

Here we can trend towards successful international experiences and employ the direction that the money goes to the sector righteousness safety.

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