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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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(80 percent) of the money supply lies in the homes of citizens


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(80 percent) of the money supply lies in the homes of citizens

Post by rocky on Sun 03 Sep 2017, 9:42 am

(80 percent) of the money supply lies in the homes of citizens


Baghdad / Huda al-Azzawi

While insisting Omar Alaa, a young man who works in the clothing business women to save his money away from banking centers, continues to dominant his friend Ahmed and his business partner to deposit his money in one of the government banks do not resort to put them in the house, whatever it is.

Often raised controversy in this regard between the two friends to their differences in vision, and justifies Alaa his position , explaining:

«Despite the seriousness of saving money at home , but saved in more serious and damaging government banks, the Tdillk formalities and lead you to a world where a lot of uncertainty in how to retrieve , it is unlikely that the lost camel including pregnancy in overnight because of those who in their hand the helm of government in the obstruction of the special procedures regardless of receivables, is still the government banking sector is faltering in performance and weakness in the benefits of depositors exchange as a result of the scarcity of cash, Ala it said on the face of disapproval signs and The exclamation Mstrsla to clarify his opinion: «there are also doubts and social concerns of the absence of real guarantees for the protection of savings and money, and this is due as a result of the lack of awareness towards savings and other banking transactions, and the delivery of money to the banks under the current security conditions poses a major threat to citizens, many They were subjected to robbery before they reach the bank, and vice versa Vshab money from banks increases the amount of risk, because some of the staff hovering around them suspected of cooperation with the Iraqi thieving gangs and the street is happening witness to it !.

Shake Alaa his head in a slow He opens his eyes , saying:

«I think that the bank guarantee to save money hit the illusion if they are not lifted all those suspicions about banks, restore mutual trust between the central system and the citizen, and this matter if it is achieved Vsieid confidence to deposit my money in the banks ». Another vision , but his friend a dominant look of the image from another angle and explains: «realized that save money in a safe place is very important, they Atawwad never in the event of a disaster or an explosion or an armed robbery , as is the case now, what is equal to speak in front of all those major losses caused by fate in front of the loss of citizen confidence in the banking system, despite all those negatives , but I find in depositing funds in banks and guarantee of rights no matter how intense storms banking obstacles for the disbursement of dues ». And disclose a dominant over the real reason behind the reluctance of his colleague about the savings in the banks and says: «many countries of the world is witnessing a great development in terms of services and get as much as possible economic benefits on top of the banking business , which seeks to bring the best out of facilities and services to gain the client, but in Iraq, Wholesale completed the director of payments at the Central Bank sacrificed Abdul Karim Atta , noting: « the range of services provided by the Iraqi banking authorities still follow the methods of very primitive, and repulsive to the members of the community to have their engagement positively with the banking business or the idea of savings and savings, well M invested banks efforts in the development and regulation of their systems to serve the citizen, and this is what led to the exit (80 percent) of the monetary mass value outside of the banking system as a result of a lack of trust between banks and the customer, if we can restore that confidence can get to a parallel relationship to encourage savings in banks government ». It returns a dominant to conclude his speech saying: «This one may be one of the reasons that prompted my colleague and friend Alaa apart and fear of savings and invest their money in the banks and the banks of the Iraqi government, and the faltering service performance and the lack of strict control over some bank employees and imposing some of the obstacles and hurdles drives with confidence citizens to the edge of the abyss and refrain from saving. » Structural imbalances «lack of development of technical banking procedures and weak confidence of citizens as a result of the security conditions or delays and the complexity of the deposit procedures and the withdrawal of funds led to be (80 percent) of the monetary bloc in Iraq 's untapped» With these words , was launched by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Administrative Agriculture , Dr. Mahdi Sahar al - Jubouri , his speech , referring to He said: « the Iraqi economy suffers from structural and structural imbalances that cast a shadow on all economic sectors, including the banking sector , which is still far from the technical and cognitive development, so must develop plans and mechanisms of the Central Bank of Iraq 's government and private banks to encourage savings And raise the confidence of citizens of those banks and to find effective mechanisms to withdraw those compacta funds and to encourage individuals and companies to deposit in private banks and government banks by improving the level of financial and banking services and the adoption of the electronic system CBS for the exchange of credit information which can contribute to the credit risk assessment and take the necessary treatment in the granting of loans The repayment and build confidence between the citizen and the banking sector. » Then said director of payments at the central bank in this regard , saying: « The Central Bank has adopted a new approach in building a real banking sector is able to increase savings and encourage investment to support economic development plans , mainly, the process is not only to restore confidence between the citizens of the banking sector, but re - confidence the government and investors in the banking system, there is an ongoing project in collaboration with the Central Bank and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to transfer (70 percent) of employees ' salaries to banks at competitive prices and offers to withdraw foreign currency bloc to banks ». Concludes director of payments at the Central Bank of her speech: «solve the problem of the lack of cash to pay the dues of citizens were selected (15) banks have increased liquidity and very high credit and taking the proportion of such deposits, and in the case of the face of the citizen, any foot - dragging by these banks to receive an amount deposit can be received from the central bank accounts, thus these measures will increase confidence and encourage the increase in the liquidity ratio for savings ». Banking panic and sees a professor of macroeconomics at the University of Wasit , Dr. Jaafar Baqer Alloush Waeli:

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Re: (80 percent) of the money supply lies in the homes of citizens

Post by weslin3 on Sun 03 Sep 2017, 7:21 pm


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