The son 
of King Idriss al-Sanusi, Libya's last king , called for the re-activation of the 1951 constitution, which was enacted by the then Libyan kingdom after independence from Italy , and put himself forward to lead the transitional phase in the country. "The safest and most effective way for a speedy and satisfactory solution for all in Libya is to return to the 1951 constitution because it is the only constitution that has the Libyan entity and represents the constitutional and legal legitimacy of the country," 

Senoussi told a news conference in Tunis today.

He pointed out that the mechanism of implementation of this proposed plan must be "under the auspices and leadership of a national national consensus with social dimensions, historical and political consensus on all, and did not have a role in the current conflict, and offer myself to play this role in a transitional phase through which the restructuring and building the state "He said. 

On October 7, 1951, the Libyan National Assembly passed the country's first constitution and established a royal monarchy. King Idris was appointed the first new king of the kingdom after independence from Italy. 

The monarchy and the constitution were abolished on September 1, 1969, the day after the overthrow of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and a military group with the king and a mass Libyan declaration. 

"He does not seek to restore the monarchy through this initiative, and to establish himself as a new king, but to leave the freedom of choice for the Libyan people."

He said that "there can be elections in Libya next year because of the difficult security situation," as he put it. 

During a meeting in Paris on July 25, President of the Libyan Presidential Council Faiz Al-Sarraj and the Commander of the Forces of the Council of Representatives of Tobruk (East), Khalifa Hafter agreed to a ceasefire, disarmament, the establishment of a unified army under civilian leadership, And the presidency of 2018, as announced by French President Manuel Macaron, which met with them.