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The economic parliamentary calls for the implementation of the project to settle salaries and restri


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The economic parliamentary calls for the implementation of the project to settle salaries and restri

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Sep 2017, 2:06 am

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The economic parliamentary calls for the implementation of the project to settle salaries and restricted to state banks

 Baghdad / Range 

The parliamentary economy called for the need to implement the project to settle the salaries electronically through the use of smart card, as soon as possible, and confirmed that the proportion of what the salaries of employees and retirees from the treasury is close to "50 billion dollars annually, which requires a mechanism of exchange and procedures developed and simplified from Before the state, stresses at the same time that this procedure should not be subject to manipulation of their name by the beneficiaries and opportunists during the import of ATMs or try to give certain licenses to private offices in the process of disbursement of funds, as happened in the process of payment of retirees according to card "Kart."

The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided on 23-8-2017 that the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation shall coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq to issue a unified job number for the employees of the government departments for approval mainly in government databases. The Council of Ministers also granted the employee the freedom to choose a bank Of banks approved by the Central Bank in the process of settling salaries to open a bank account in preparation for receipt of salary through the account electronically under a bank card.
A member of the parliamentary economy committee, Salam al-Maliki, in an interview with "(range), to the need to apply the measure as soon as possible as it is good and important to work at the present time, adding to the need for the state to settle the salaries of employees electronically in Iraq, This is a gain, especially since Iraq has employees in numbers of more than four million and 600 employees, which is different from all neighboring countries and the region. , As they are If we add employees, retirees and the size of what they take from the state treasury is found close to the "$ 50 billion, so the disbursement and distribution of these huge amounts needed to exchange advanced and simplified procedures by the state mechanism.
Al-Maliki added: This action requires the government and the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to provide the mechanism and easy methods for the success of such an important measure, both in how to provide ATMs and deal with the citizen employee with them, especially as this measure will reduce a lot of momentum and pressure banks in the process of delivery The salaries also eliminates the issue of bribes, stressing the need not to be subject to the manipulation of some of the beneficiaries and opportunists, especially with regard to the process of importing ATMs or trying to give certain licenses to people without others to oversee the process of disbursement of funds, today we see that the process of exchange The salaries of retirees were given to some private and last offices in turn are paid to the pensioner for a certain percentage after receiving the amounts from banks, which is also primitive and does not keep pace with the development in banking transactions.
And thus: We want the state to adopt the mechanism of distributing salaries of employees through banks in accordance with the card "Visa card", especially as the proportion deducted from banks better than those obtained by private offices, here benefit the state because they occupy the government sector, This percentage can be used to pay incentives and benefits to employees or to import ATMs and increase their numbers in the future, so as not to be a momentum of employees on those devices.This development is important to us. We can not remain in an old situation in the Iraqi banks since the fifties or thirties of the last century and we still work today, in the time of the world around us is changing because we see all countries of the world dealing with these mechanisms easy and modern, A sophisticated way to ease a lot of effort and momentum and provide security for this money instead of being transferred from banks to the state departments and can be robbed, as happened in several times, remain in the situation in the bank and is disbursed in a safe modern way for the employee      
It is expected that the end of this year will complete the project of automation of salaries or what is known as electronic settlement through the use of smart card, as all the employees of Iraq, about 4.5 million represent 10% of the total population of smart cardholders, and receive salaries from banks through this card The spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi stresses in press statements, the importance of the existence of mechanisms and procedures that will reassure employees about this new experience, which they are not accustomed to yet, noting that the presence of ATM in the public markets and commercial centers Mettle along with the headquarters of ministries and government departments, is necessary to enable the card holder of shopping by which, he said, adding: "The project pays to encourage employees to save, especially in light of the prevalence of a culture of hoarding money and shaken trust between the citizen and the banks, especially banks Acialh.oichir Hindawi: "Banks have to work on the principle of competition between them through the services and benefits provided to customers and compete in the annual interest rate on funds deposited, which drives the citizen to go to the bank that gives a higher interest rate than others, as well as other services that can be provided by banks to attract depositors from Such as the granting of loans and banking facilities, pointing out that "this experience will face challenges, as we find fear in the employees of the failure of banks to meet their obligations to depositors," noting that "the banks selected for this task is guaranteed by a government Of.
The task of selecting this measure was entrusted to the Central Bank of Iraq as the sectoral body supervising the banking sector. He announced that he had chosen 16 banks, some of which were government and some of them private banks, to assume this task. The selection process was in accordance with high international standards. Of these banks may face problems or falter in fulfilling their obligations to the extent that he expressed his willingness to pay the dues instead of the bank stalled. 
According to experts, the localization of salaries of state employees electronically a step bearing important implications will be reflected positively on the performance of banks in terms of securing liquidity and restore confidence between the citizen and the sector, which has witnessed during recent years reflected the decline results on the reality of the Iraqi economy, stressing the ability of banks to implement programs to expand the base of services provided to citizens In a form that strengthens the investment base of the sector to reflect its results on the financial sector in general.
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