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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The individual's share of banking services


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The individual's share of banking services

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 9:36 am

The individual's share of banking services

Author: Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

12/09/2017 23:07

Concerned with affairs of the banking depends standard of the individual 's share of banking services in the assessment of the quality of service provided by the banking sector in a country which, as well as knowledge of standards that are space occupied by technologies in banking operations, as it often increases the ability of banks to provide services to the largest number of the public in record times greater reliance on electronic systems in trading and banking transactions.

But the standard of the individual 's share of banking services remained stable at 40 thousand people per branch of the branches of international banks despite the ability of these banks to provide services for more than this number of the public, and build on it and because banking operations are still in the axes of the main lead in ways nineties the last century in our country despite the introduction of many electronic systems work in trading and trading banking sector.

The standard of the individual 's share of banking services indicates a relatively low rate per capita of these services, with the number of branches operating in the country banks with about 800 branches monopolize most of the seven government banks and the rest is distributed to the amount of about 43 banks , including branches of foreign banks operating private banks in the country, and the simple calculation , we find that 800 bank branch is able to provide banking services to about 32 million people according to the standard of 40 thousand people per bank branch.

Which makes the phenomenon out about 70 percent of the money supply from trading pending the continuing distrust inherited decades between the public and the banking sector bolstered by cases of delays in the performance of some private and government banks , despite progress in the introduction of technologies and increased capital and despite the continuing work in training and staff development. Which requires a review of the re - banking restructuring that have been adopted since about twelve years programs, which have been taking place in the framework of the three axes of the restructuring of the capital of these banks supported amendments to the successive law of Iraqi banks No. 94 of 2004, which began as long as the minimum capital mechanisms money by about 10 billion dinars and ended according to the latest adjustment by about 250 billion dinars , but this amendment did not take into consideration and apparently so - called " the capital adequacy ratio , " represented by the bank 's capital to risk , which is urgent to see the relationship between the sources of the bank 's capital and the risks surrounding Bank assets and any other operations, while under the focus of the introduction of technologies and the training of workers subject to the privileges and powers of the departments of these banks , which some of them was not successful in his administration for the reasons we presented in previous articles. Thus, the urgent need for a fourth axis of respect to the return of confidence among the public and these financial institutions, the focus Dalth be open current accounts, savings and payment tools on to ensure good performance of banking services.

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