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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Organizations and gains


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Organizations and gains

Post by rocky on Sun 17 Sep 2017, 6:49 am

 Organizations and gains

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Yasser Metwally
Yasser Metwally
The large number of civil society organizations with economic interests have diversified their competencies and this is a healthy phenomenon that reflects the relationship between the government and representatives of the business community. However, with this horizontal expansion, the problem of financing has emerged. The majority of those who volunteer for this activity are volunteers for community work. The costs borne by these organizations are up to their level of contribution in serving the national economy by providing advice, advice and treatments to the challenges facing the national economy. What is the solution to this obstacle in light of the government's inability to support it?

The fact is that there are trends in some of these organizations to finance themselves by taking advantage of the opportunities available in the field of investment, especially as it includes within it personalities with the expertise and ability to implement development projects, but the problem that these organizations are criticized as exploiting their influence in the acquisition to achieve special benefits at the time Its law is also not allowed because it is not of public utility, but voluntary. The question is what is it that is trying to make gains to fund itself with its own expertise and capabilities and is looking for funding to sustain its business? The truth is now that these organizations are trying to gain for themselves because the material base of non-inclusive economic systems is not determinants of gaining profits and profits because behind every effort is price.

So the organizations are being criticized for meaningful gains as long as the constructive objective is solid, the restrictive laws of the organizations must be reviewed to facilitate their role in development. It is useful to recall the great role played by some organizations historically in the construction and development, such as associations of industries, contractors and chambers. Business and business people, but unfortunately, the star of the star because of the difficult circumstances that have passed and invited us to resume normal activities under the new concepts.

The new formations such as the Iraqi National Business Council, the Baghdad Economic Forum, the Economic Council and the Association of Private Banks have provided the necessary work and efforts in order to serve their development objectives and highlight the role of the private sector. This led the government to reconsider the role of the private sector and support it 
. And to serve the country's economy and construction.

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