Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
Qatari Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani called on the "wise men" of the ruling family in Qatar and the country's dignitaries to meet to resolve the Qatari crisis, saying it amounted to direct incitement to the Arab Gulf. Sheikh Abdullah said in a statement addressed to the Qatari people, "I am in great pain and I see the situation going to the worst. It is a direct incitement to the stability of the Arabian Gulf. It interferes in the affairs of others and leads us to a fate we do not want to reach, Tunnel of adventure, and ended to chaos ruin and dispersal and hyenas of destiny, God forbid. "

Abdullah al-Thani said that "because of the situation, I call on the wise and wise sons of the family and the people of Qatar to a brotherly, family and national meeting, where we discuss the crisis and what we can do to restore things to normal and strengthen the Gulf" . "I do not do this as a claim or a review, but I am optimistic when I saw what facilitated my service to my family and facilitate their affairs. I found the doors legislated and during the two occasions when I met with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz , I found his keenness on the safety of Qatar and its people, and it is our duty and our responsibility not to remain silent in this crisis. He called on Sheikh Abdullah to communicate with him via e-mail, to be determined where and date of the meeting later.

Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah al-Thani (1957) is the ninth son of former ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah al-Thani and grandson of the ruler of Qatar Abdullah bin Jassem al-Thani and brother of Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali al-Thani. He is a senior figure of Al Thani, a prominent figure in business and real estate.