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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Islamic Revolutionary Guard: Aljamna is more mad than Trump


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Islamic Revolutionary Guard: Aljamna is more mad than Trump

Post by rocky on Thu 12 Oct 2017, 2:32 am

[size=30]Islamic Revolutionary Guard: Aljamna is more mad than Trump[/size]
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Deputy Commander of the headquarters of Thar Allah to the Guards of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Brigadier General Ismail Kuthari  , on Wednesday, that the Revolutionary Guard, who is more mad than President Trump, stressing that the American army and the Zionist entity are the most terror of all.
In a press statement, Brigadier General Kuthari said that the IRGC is an official institution with a history of nearly 40 years, and that all countries and peoples of the world have officially recognized the Guards. The Revolutionary Guard described the terrorist as " Trump and American politicians are the basis for it.
He added that the terrorist organizations are groups with a vague status, not registered with any official body, while the Revolutionary Guard is officially registered, and has been approved in Parliament and by officials within specific criteria, and performs specific tasks exactly.
"If the Americans want to raise such an issue, we have to say that the American army and the occupying Zionist entity of Jerusalem, and because of the crimes committed and still committed, are the most terror of all, not the guard who rushed to lend a hand in response to the demand of the oppressed people. Support, not to say that we support Syria only.
"So the United States and Saudi Arabia have suffered heavy defeats in recent months in the region. These days they cling to anything to say that the Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist," Kuthari said.
He said that as the Revolutionary Guards commander announced, if the United States took the initiative, the Revolutionary Guards would consider the US military a terrorist and would confront him as we did to Daish. Then the US military would have to leave the area and know that it would hit him like the bullets.
"If Trump wants to say that he is crazy, we say in response that the people were more mad than him, and we have attacked them. The Revolutionary Guards in the region have seen many of these madmen and are not afraid of them," he said.

Source: Al Alam TV Channel 

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